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Queen by Arijit Singh (Artist), Shefali Alvares (Artist), Nikhil D'souza (Artist)

Queen by Arijit Singh (Artist), Shefali Alvares (Artist), Nikhil D'souza (Artist)

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Format Audio CD
Artist(s) Arijit Singh, Shefali Alvares, Nikhil D'souza
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Product Description

Today's entertainment industry is known for bringing out the conundrums of social stigma and hierarchy. It is befitting then that the multimillion dollar Hindi Film Industry do the same and find ways to engage with the local narratives by making sense out of the classic issues that plague the common man and looking for original depictions of the same. Additionally, the issues of piracy make themselves even more obvious, as more and more people try to wheedle their way out of authentic printed data and find ways to acquire it illegally with the internet playing a severely detrimental role in the whole process. The work of our beloved actors and actresses should find appreciation in the manner it truly deserves, with respect and altruistic wonder. It is only fair then, that the most wonderful motion pictures of all time, find refuge in the legal printed forms they were meant to be seen in.

About the Product

Queen is a classic Indian comedy drama directed by Arijit Singh, featuring Kangana Ranaut in the lead role of a typical Indian bred young lady. The story depicts the transformational journey of a young lady who has never step foot outside her hometown, betrothed to a stranger and soon to be married. When her fiancé tells her on the eve of their wedding, that she is too cocooned and cannot fit with his current lifestyle, Rani, the protagonist, decides to make the most of her honeymoon alone, and takes a trip out to Paris and Amsterdam all by herself. In a series of adventures that change who she is drastically, Rani learns the differences in the outside world with that of hers. She realizes the importance of being supportive, and learns to accept people, as they are eventually becoming a wholly different perspective with a changed view on life. Queen tells the story of almost all women in India who are always held back on account of safety and conservative approaches to upbringing, and who find their feet when they meet people from other worlds. With the modernist aspects that she ultimately adopts after visiting Paris, Will she ever return to her fiancé, who had abandoned her but wishes to have her back to him? You will get your answers, when you watch this movie!

About the Manufacturer

T-Series is one of the biggest music companies in India with their label covering almost all major publications and releases across the world. With a base first set up in India, T-Series is also known for their superior quality cassettes, video tapes, CDs and DVD systems that they run, exclusively in several stores across the country.

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Product Details
Format Audio CD
Music Label T-Series
Artist(s) Arijit Singh, Shefali Alvares, Nikhil D'souza
No of Discs 1

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Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Queen music review: Amit Trivedi and Anvita Dutt produce a gem! 22 March, 2014 On
    Audio: Amit Trivedi
    Singers: Labh Janjua, Sonu Kakkar, Neha Kakkar, Shefali Alvares, Nikhil D’Souza, Nandini Srikar, Arijit Singh, Mohan Kannan, Rupesh Kumar Ram in addition to Amit Trivedi
    Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
    Amit Trivedi treads acquainted soundscapes with his or her 1st cd from the yr. But not really for any 2nd are you going to think that your tunes tend to be repeated. He / she makes a very interesting established and is optimally together by simply wonderful in addition to purposeful lyrics written by Anvita Dutt.

    Manchester thumakda

    Sung by simply Labh Janjua, Sonu Kakkar in addition to Neha Kakkar, this specific melody is usually rich in a good natural Punjabi-ness. This can be a marriage ceremony melody and intensely normal with technique. Amit Trivedi’s wonderful defeats required all-important thump going without running shoes. Punjabi tunes generally employ a wonderful market place with Bollywood videos and also this a single way too offers prospective becoming a massive strike. The particular lyrics tend to be quirky in addition to build your own disposition for any marriage ceremony. The particular amalgamation from the music plus the lyrics make a case for your disposition from the trail. The most effective area of the melody is usually Labh Janjua exuberant interpretation, using Sonu in addition to Neha Kakkar with assistance.

    Badra bahaar

    Sung by simply Amit Trivedi, this specific amount will begin that has a majestic metal area. The particular agreement is usually nearly all praiseworthy. You'll be awed with the deft usage of guitar strings which are adequately joined with rock acoustic guitar. The particular blend tends to make this specific trail unique. Amit Trivedi has done a fantastic career guiding your mic plus the lyrics are with tandem.

    I gujariya

    Sung by simply Shefali Alvares in addition to Nikhil D’Souza, this is a modern party trail. Even though melody is a extremely frequent party amount, presently there is definitely Amit Trivedi contact going without running shoes. The particular lyrics tend to be acceptable, nevertheless Shefali’s words allows you to stick upon right up until the tip. Nikhil offers seconded your ex really well.

    Taake jhanke

    Sung by simply Arijit Singh, this specific trail indicates your trademark quality associated with his or her words. Just about every cd right now will get no less than one melody by simply Arijit in addition to normally is the greatest from the great deal. King isn't a diverse, even though this will end up being his or her 1st collaboration using Amit Trivedi. This can be a excellent rock trail thoroughly brought about with the strumming from the acoustic guitar. The particular joining together associated with Anvita Dutt’s wonderful lyrics in addition to Arijit’s words causes it to be any type separate. This particular melody will certainly be in playlists for some time.


    Sung by simply Amit Trivedi, this one provides a lovely beginning with excellent starting off information. The particular trail goes with a high using its purposeful lyrics by simply Anvita Dutt. The particular agreement from the music is usually great. Different devices come in one by one and present you much essential increase. Amit’s vocals tend to be great in addition to swimsuit your strengthen from the melody.


    Sung by simply Nandini Srikar, this one carries a slow, haunting build. This will begin usually, nevertheless with the conclusion than it you're feeling of which it is any marvellous a few units invested listening. The particular melody obtains you hooked on it a lot more whenever you hear that. The particular fusion in between a lot of musical devices rocks !. Never to forget the Bengali folks contact – that makes this specific trail purely excellent! Nandini Srikar’s vocal skills sensibilities vary from amazing in order to wonderful. To be able to come with your ex natural talent tend to be inclined lyrics. This particular trail is a should keep in your own very good music player.


    Sung by simply Mohan Kannan, it might seem to be a long edition associated with Jugni. Though the fusion the following is best of all. The particular trail is much like any quickly pull treatment in between trumpet in addition to sitar. Mohan Kannan is usually flawless and so are your lyrics, which might be extremely graceful.


    Sung by simply Rupesh Kumar Ram, this specific melody is a easy, short Punjabi bit and it has minimum track record synth. The particular débutant singer’s words is usually genuine in addition to happens all the more prominent due to awesome lyrics.

    Judgement: Amit Trivedi in addition to Anvita Dutt jointly get come up with a extremely wonderful, purposeful in addition to musical cd that is certainly extremely classy, using ounces associated with massy appeal. Manchester thumakda is the greatest trail in addition to we realize it will turn into a substantial strike. Along with it’s our own pick from the Queen cd.
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