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Arivin Thedal By M.Babu (Author)

Arivin Thedal By M.Babu (Author)

Contributor(s) M.Babu
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Arivin Thedal By M.Babu 

Languages form the cornerstone of all our communication and abilities. To be able to survive in a world with all these and more, we realize that knowing and reading to evolve, need to become ingrained in our psyches in the same way that they were in our ancestors. To truly allow for discovery and innovation, we need to first open our minds to information which can only happen effectively when one concentrates and focuses on the text matter. In a world where books are fast becoming extinct, as the power of software and kindles take over, the need to alleviate the standard of reading, and incorporate it into our daily lives, has become more and more prominent. In view of this substantial overhaul that needs our attention, it is necessary to ascertain the extent to which real time reading can be used and reintegrated into our lives. For us to be able to concentrate on the specifics of the content of the millions of books that are published in the world, we do really need to appreciate ownership, and find a way to own the bound paper that marks the ability of people to read, understand and grow.

About the Product

Arivin Thedal By M.Babu explores the concepts of inner and outer being, while also effectuating the standard that is the human mind. To appreciate this book, the author says we must first let go of the multitude of inhibitions we have and learn to embrace and grow in the wake of these. The idea of prejudice and wanting souls is explored, where a new and completely unbiased world view is developed to liberate oneself and the idea of life and death is cumulatively expanded, by analysing how an individual can move from the real to the meta state of their lives and thus, create a new self. The book continues to describe the need for such a transition, for in the wake of the current frame of mind, the author believes that there is little to be desired from the life we currently live. Without understanding the meaning of life and the afterlife, one cannot hope to achieve either, and it should be the goal of every individual to enhance his understanding of each so that he may push himself for the time he has on earth. An inspirational read, this book forces us to question our existing beliefs and makes us wonder if such an in-depth understanding of ourselves is really possible in our lives!

About the Manufacturer

Vikadan Media Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading name in the new age development of Tamil literature and culture. Drawn to the ideas of immense depth, this publication house has several thought provoking reads, published under its wing to provide the greater social goal of liberation and introspection.

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Publisher Vikadan Media Services Pvt Ltd
Contributor(s) M.Babu
Binding Paperback
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  1.  Really great thought. 19 January, 2014 On
    This is great book which will useful to one who wishes to acquire wisdom & to know true aspect of life. this is the book of philosophical research about truth written by a physicist & also he could be a " Meta physicist ".. I thank him for his great thought..
    By Gokul from Coimbatore.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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