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Armor Hard Case Cover For Moto X (2nd Gen) (White) With Screen Protector

Armor Hard Case Cover For Moto X (2nd Gen) (White) With Screen Protector

Colour White
Compatible Devices Moto X (2nd Gen)
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Product Description

With Moto X 2nd Gen being a great financial investment for many owners, it is important for them to value their smartphone in whatever way it is possible. This smartphone has become so much more than just a device for making calls. It is now a stylish high end gadget that allows you to surf the internet, stay connected with near and dear ones, pay bills and watch or download movies. However, this gadget is of fragile nature so mishandling might damage the gadget or it might spoil its impressive appearance. Similarly, this smartphone also has a touch screen, which is one of the vulnerable features of the phone therefore, the user should strive to keep it protected against dust, stains and scratches. The best way to ensure complete protection of the handset is to use this Armor Case Cover With Screen Protector.


Fine quality materials are used to design this phone case cover and its screen guard. With the implementation of advanced technologies, the materials are treated differently to make it hard so that it features tough construction. These phone accessories are sturdy enough to endure regular wear and tear. Although, these accessories have strong construction yet they are smooth and make them relatively easy and convenient to clean.


This Armor Case Cover is designed to fit the gadget perfectly so that it remains in its place all of the time. This cover comes with important cut outs so that you get easy access to all the vital buttons and USB ports without removing the cover. There are some covers that do not give complete protection to the handset as a result some areas of the gadget remain susceptible to damage. But this cover protects the edges and the back of the phone from damage. Light material is used to design this cover so that it hardly adds any bulk to the combined weight of the case and the smartphone and you will find it very comfortable to use. This cover also allows the smartphone to slip in to the shirt or jeans pocket with ease. This hard case cover delivers a cushioning form of protection to the handset every time and it can absorb the shock whenever it hits the table corner or door and falls on the ground. So, using the accessory will guard your handset from suffering from water spillage, dents and scratches. Another interesting fact about this accessory is that it also enhances the entire get up of the handset. The inner shell is made in such a manner that keeps the back panel of handset scratch proof.

The Screen Protector is transparent and it offers crystal clear view of the images, texts and videos. This accessory is designed to be as imperceptible as possible in order to maintain the clarity of the screen. It is very thin and offers you with a smooth and shiny screen surface so that you can use the touch screen with ease.

The screen of the smartphone is subjected to touch therefore, it is very likely to become stained with fingerprints, grime or sweat after you play games or talk over the phone for long hours. It is very difficult to clean the stains on the screen surface once it is contaminated. But when you use the screen protector you do not have to worry about any stain or scrape. The screen protectors are usually made finger print resistant and also reduces glare.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to keep up the attractive appearance of your Moto X 2nd Gen then you should buy Armor Case Cover With Screen Protector online. Shopping phone accessories will save you a lot of time as you do not have to visit the nearby stores to make the purchase. This PET Protective Screen Film comes with TPU Rim and Hard PC Back Case. Therefore, installing of these accessories is very easy. You can do the installation of the hard back case cover alone but you should take the help of an expert to install the screen protector. In case the protector is not installed accurately it will guard the screen completely against foreign particles like dust, dirt and so on.

Key Highlights:

Hard Back Case and PET Protective Screen Film

Made of durable materials

Protects the handset against stains and scrapes

Back case cover has all important cut outs

Ultra light

Fits the gadget perfectly

Product Features

  • PET Protective Screen Film with TPU Rim and Hard PC Back Case.
  • Detachable 2 in 1 Dirt and Water Resistant Dual Layer Case.
  • Ultra thin, Ultra light, Perfect Match! Adds an extra grip to your phone to prevent drop damage.
  • Complete access to all features of the device including microphone speaker camera and all buttons.
  • Proper cut outs and buttons to prevent dust and debris. A clear protector is built in to the inner shell to prevent scratches and smudges.
Product Details
Manufacturer Armor
Brand Armor
Colour White
Technical Specification
Device Type Back Cover
Compatible Devices Moto X (2nd Gen)

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