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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Product Specifications
Language English
Video Format DVD
Genre Science fiction
Number Of Discs 1
Cricket Syndication Prod
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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  A really intelligent production 11 February, 2014 On
    I bought this movie about one year ago.
    Enjoyed it with a popcorn.
    The story includes a boy's robot which is artificially built in such a way that no one can tell it that it was a robot.
    It loks like a real boy, talks like a real boy, and thinks like a real boy.
    That's called Artificial Intelligence.
    The boy thinks that he is one of a kind but later he discovers that the scientist who made him had created a number of similar boys in his laboratory. The boy becomes sad.
    He reminds the story of his mother about the fairy tale's character Blue Fairy.
    He thinks that the blue fairy exists in real world and she will help him.
    The boy then goes out in search of blue fairy and finds a partner during his journey.
    They both then start finding the blue fairy so that she will make him a real boy from an artificial creation.
    They solve a mystery and come to know the location of the blue fairy.
    At last they finds a submarine and sinks to the depth of the sea in search of blue fairy.
    The submarine starts freezing due to excess cold and his partner dies.
    After centuries, of years, when the ice melts, the robot boy open his eyes and found that the aliens are the new generation.
    The new technology then regenerate his mother from her hair which had stuck earlier in his sweater.
    Then the boy and his mom lives together in the newest era.

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