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Audio Extension Cable 3.5mm Stereo Male to Female 15 Feet Long

Audio Extension Cable 3.5mm Stereo Male to Female 15 Feet Long

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Product Description

Whether you are trying to set up a stereo, home entertainment or even a public address system, you are most likely going to need a male to female stereo audio extension cable. This is the cable that connects the TV, audio or video player to stereo receivers. There are various types of cables, all in differing levels of quality, length and other attributes. Buy this 3.5 mm stereo audio AUX extension cable, which measures 5 meters or 15 feet to connect your laptop, DVD player or other systems. You can use it to extend a host of devices such as speakers, headphone, microphones and more. This excellent quality cable with thick PVC sheath can be used for connecting iPods, MP3 players and more to your car and home audio systems as well. The package consists of one audio extension cable, 3.5 mm stereo male to female 15 feet long.

Enhance Your Audio Connection Capabilities

Get set to complete your connection with this audio extension cable that can help you extend your sound connection without being confined by your setup. You will enjoy the freedom to place speakers etc at the location of your choice. You will enjoy the ease of use provided by this 3.5 mm audio when you are able to create a larger sound stage. knows no one store has the best price for all products at all times. That's why we aggregate deals from leading websites and help you choose from multiple stores. Apart from the product details, we also offer product reviews and seller ratings so you'll be able to make informed decisions when you buy online at This also helps you find the best price from the lowest priced store online or offline. Browse through deals and bargains by price, by category, or even by store.

Product Features

  • You can use it with your laptop and computer Compatible with all headphones and speakers
  • Use it from anywhere you wish
  • 5 meter long
  • Can use it with music system
  • Connecting the wire is easy

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Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5 stars
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