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Avatar 3D Blu-Ray Hindi

Avatar 3D Blu-Ray Hindi

Format Blu-ray
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Format Blu-ray
Censor Rating U/A (Parental Guidance)

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 stars
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  1.  A masterpiece that defines an era 24 August, 2014 On
    When I started watching this movie , I expected this to be another science fiction movie which is infested with fanciful ideas and idiosyncratic imagination. However as I watched I realized that this movie is so different, this is not science fiction , this is what I would call as "Human Fiction". The movie is a masterpiece and you can't afford not watching this movie as it must be in your bucket list.
    Now I tell you what I liked in this movie. Being a James Cameron movie this got to have state of the art cinematic excellence which is does have, animation at its pinnacle, editing superb and beyond the time, music is of paramount importance and makes this movie more palatable. Apart from technological excellence and panache this movie is about human emotion, human degradation and human rise against the villainous tendencies with in.
    The characters are so overpowering and emotionally moving. The plot is phenomenal yet simple. The imagination of the author in terms of the "Avatar" has spelled its charm. I would want all of you to watch this movie without talking about what happens in the movie.
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