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Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle (Double Shock), Green & Black

Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle (Double Shock), Green & Black

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Overview: Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle

The 'Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle (Double Shock), Green & Black' is the perfect best friend for boys between the ages 7-10. Children love outdoor activities and in the high stress urban environments that kids now grow up in, the Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle will provide the perfect incentive to get some much needed fresh air and exercise. Being light weight and sleek, it can be easily stored and you can carry it in the car with you when you drive down to family picnics or reunions. The bicycle comes in an attractive green and black double-toned finish that is sure to make the kids happy. Cycling is  a scientifically proven method of physical exercise that will keep your child healthy and boost stamina, resulting in long term physical benefits for your children. So go ahead and order the Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle online, get your child the gift of good health and improved stamina along with unlimited fun.

The Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle is available on the internet in a Semi- Knocked-down format and can be easily assembled with minimal adult and/or professional supervision. Shop online today and buy this wonderful bicycle.

Comfortable seating:

Comfort is a common issue with bicycles. The Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle addresses that by installing a cushioned seat or saddle for added comfort. Opting for a cushioned saddle means you can enjoy hours of unbridled fun with minimum discomfort.

An easier ride:

The Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle comes with a double shock feature which makes it easier to ride for your children. With the double shock  feature any surface or terrain can be navigated more comfortably and smoothly. In an urban riding environment riders might come face to face with uneven surfaces , the double shock technology used in the Avon Rowdy Plus bicycle  comes in handy to achieve a smoother ride. Double Shocks provide increased control and the bicycle becomes twice as easy to handle.

Caliper brakes:

The Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle is  fitted with calliper brakes that make bicycle riding safe, smooth and fun.

Ergonomically designed:

Avon takes care of even the most little details to make sure your child's fun is unhindered and comfortable. The Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle is fitted with raised handle bars. This ensures that your child's back is in a confortable position and is not bent for long hours. This thoughtful adjustment by Avon ensures that the spine is save from the notorious Bikers' Backache.

About the Brand:

Avon Bicycles have become household names and synonymous with childhood fun and memories. Incorporated in 1951, Avon Cycles Limited is the Avon Group's flagship company. Decades of trust-building makes AVON the household name it is and the brand is known for its quality and dependability. In Bicycles and Bicycle Parts, the company distinguishes itself as the Largest Manufacturer Exporter from India. It has enjoyed such status for several years in a row. This speaks of the brand's equity overseas. At home in 85 countries worldwide, the company's products are regularly showcased in International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions. Government of India recognizes AVON as an 'Export House'.

Product Features:

  • 20 inches wheel size
  • Equipped with a foam padded saddle
  • Constitutes high quality calliper brakes for ease of riding
  • Incorporates a double shock feature to navigate uneven terrain and surfaces
  • Come in an attractive green and black coloured model
  • Features an optimally raised handle bar for a comfortable riding position
  • Dimensions (LXWXH) in cm: 108x18x52.5
  • Recommended age of users 7-10 years +
  • Suitable for boys
  • Helps promote outdoor activities and exercise
  • Available online in a semi- knocked down format and can be easily assembled with professional supervision

So go ahead and buy this online today and enjoy as you watch your children cherish their childhoods and make uncountable memories  riding  the Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle (Double Shock), Green & Black.  With this bicycle around, your kids can leave the video games behind and venture outdoors and take in the joys of the outdoors and natural surroundings while simultaneously developing a healthier body and improved stamina.

Features: Avon Rowdy Plus Bicycle

  • Promotes fun-filled outdoor play
  • Wheel size: 20 inches
  • Features raised handle with bars for a comfortable riding position
  • It features single shock to ensure a smooth ride
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Brand Avon

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