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BD Paint Zoom Sprayer Gun Professional Spray Gun Tool

BD Paint Zoom Sprayer Gun Professional Spray Gun Tool

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Product Description

The BD Paint Spray Gun is an extremely utilitarian product.

Great Functionality

The sprayer gun applies at an extremely quick speed of 7.61 gallon per hour offering you with an easy and optimal coverage.

Low maintenance

The gun tool can spray continuously without any lag or hassle and hardly requires any maintenance. In fact you need not filter, clean or replace anything in order to maintain it.

Ergonomic design

The built-in spray is ergonomically designed, which provides you with professional coverage especially when latex, oil paints or stains are used. The adjustable sprayer features a round, horizontal and vertical built-in 3-way spray control that make the device capable of providing 100% coverage.

The 14.5 PSI configuration enables minimum over spray and also superior control over your spraying. You can apply latex, oil paints, stains, oils and lacquers with ease with the device.

Easy to use

The professional metal 2-finger trigger with built-in stop feature allows you to spray without any difficulty enabling you to give a consistent coverage. The device comes with a shoulder strap for carrying it around conveniently.

Superior quality material

Made of durable and easy to clean polymers, the sprayer has a durable built imparting it with a long shelf life.

With a container capacity of 800 ml and a hose length 1.5 m, the sprayer comes extremely hand and is a perfect pick.

You can buy the BD Paint Zoom Sprayer Gun Professional Spray Gun Tool online.

Product Features

Sprays 7.61 gallon per hour

14.5 PSI configuration

Metal 2-finger trigger

Sturdy polymer built

800 ml capacity

Product Details
Brand BD

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