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Product Description

Simply planting grass on your lawn and forgetting about it can leave your house looking messy and dirty. It is therefore necessary to give your lawn a beautiful trim, every time the grass grows long and uneven. Also, an evenly cut and maintained lawn increases the beauty and décor of your house as well. However to makes sure that you do not spill oil on your garden or pollute the environment with the smoke exerted by fuel run trimmers, it is always a better option to choose an electric trimmer. The Bosch Electric Grass Trimmer helps keep your lawn clean and tidy all the time.

An ideal choice for small gardens, this electric line trimmer comes with a 280 watt motor and a full 23cm cutting diameter. This product is extremely handy to use as well considering the product weighs only 1.7kg and is easy to carry and use anywhere on your lawn. Ergonomically designed to provide you with the perfectly sized handle, this product provides complete comfort in mowing your lawn.

The product features the ART 23 which is fitted with a Pro Tap spool to enable efficient line feed. It is also easy to lengthen the line. All you need to do is bump the spool to the ground and it will release more line. The product also features an integrated cable hook for easy and tidy storage of the cable. Armed with two handles to fit your comfort, this product makes using it in different positions a breeze. It is the tallest fixed-head trimmer on the market, making it easier to use and reducing the strain on your back. You can shop online for this amazing product, available only at Junglee. Also avail interesting offers on the same by choosing from over a range of sellers listed on your site.

Product Details
Manufacturer Bosch
Brand Bosch
Model Number 128204002
Colour Name New

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