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BV Pandit Pure Turmeric Powder

BV Pandit Pure Turmeric Powder

Target Gender Unisex
Product Weight 620 grams
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Overview: Bv Pandit Pure Turmeric Powder

Since time immemorial, the goodness of turmeric powder, commonly known as haldi in Indian, is known to all. In fact, be it its culinary properties or medicinal goodness, turmeric powder is an all vital member of every Indian household. In such circumstances, BV Pandit's Pure Turmeric Powder is quite the product one would like to get for the home. Turmeric is known to be that one herb that can help to keep things working smoothly in your system. No wonder, it is known as one of the world's oldest herbal remedies. Dating back to as ancient as 600 B.C., the healing secret in turmeric comes from a component known as the curcumin. This is a biologically active, phytochemical found in the turmeric root. It helps to protect the liver by lowering cholesterol levels and also acts as an antibiotic. In fact, for those who keep wondering how much they drank the previous night to develop an awful hangover, pure turmeric powder is capable of soothing the stomach and balancing an upset digestion. Studies have shown that extracts of turmeric root reduce secretion of acid from the stomach and protect against injuries such as inflammation along the stomach or intestinal walls and ulcers caused from alcohol presence.

In The Yellow Of Good Health

As a potent anti-inflammatory, turmeric powder helps maintain a healthy bowel system and comes in especially handy for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Of course, the awesome flavour that pure turmeric powder brings to any Indian cooking stays on for many burps to come. Log on to Junglee for the best deals in health care products. You can also compare prices, read the user reviews and product specifications. Junglee is the largest online organized selection of products in India where under the same roof, customers can get the best offers from across leading online e-commerce web sites.

Features: Bv Pandit Pure Turmeric Powder

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Product Details
Manufacturer BV Pandit
Brand BV Pandit
Target Gender Unisex
Theme eayur
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 620 grams

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