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Baidyanath Siddha Makardhwaja SP

Baidyanath Siddha Makardhwaja SP

Target Gender Unisex
Product Weight 65 grams
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Overview: Baidyanath Siddha Makardhwaja Sp

The least you can do for your body after all that it goes through for you on a daily basis is to provide it with adequate health supplements that perks up your system, leaving you feeling fresh and fit. The Baidyanath Siddha Makardhwaja SP tablets are one such way of ensuring yourself the goodness of Ayurveda packed in small tablets that are very easy to consume. The idea behind the creation of this health care product was to remove physical and mental strain and then work on one's finer senses. Daily consumption leads to high physical and mental vitality and vigour, leaving you wondering at the magic that just unfurled in front of your own eyes. It boosts the immune system and makes the body less vulnerable to the onslaught of various diseases. The main ingredients of this product are Ayurvedic herbs like makardhawaja, swara bhasma and moti bhasma that apart from their healing touch is also known to have effective results on one's sexual prowess and acts as a natural aphrodisiac, curing issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

A Small Package of Goodness

It has often been noticed that prolonged illness leaves one feeling generally listless, lacking the energy to move on even though you might be physically fit. The Siddha Makardhwaja tablets are known to yield great results in such cases as well. The recommended dosage is 1 tablet a day with butter, honey or milk or as suggested by the physician. Siddha Makardhwaja is also known to have a calming effect on cardiac muscles. Its rich composition makes it highly effective in curing cases of poisoning. When consumed regularly, it is known to cure depression and mental debilities as well. Buy these tablets at Junglee for fabulous deals. You can also go through a host of product and user reviews to help you make a more informed choice.

Features: Baidyanath Siddha Makardhwaja Sp

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Product Details
Manufacturer Baidyanath
Brand Baidyanath
Target Gender Unisex
Theme eayur
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 65 grams

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