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Brand Bajaj
Model Number 1304938
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Being a homemaker and ensuring that your family remains healthy and happy, demands that you should provide them with happiness, love along with healthy meals. Being the perfect homemaker can be a very tedious task when it comes to buying appliances for your house that will help you to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. Preparing delicious meals for your family is necessary and a gift that all homemakers are blessed with. Nothing makes a woman happier than being titled as a brilliant cook by the members of her family. As a homemaker, it is the duty and the main aim to purchase all the appliances which would go into making her home a very happy and a well maintained one. Keeping in mind that people are always against the race for time as they have so much to see to as homemakers, brands have introduced appliances that have hastened the process of preparing meals for your families at a time when every member is in a rush to meet deadlines. Cutting vegetables is a tedious and time consuming task which slows down the pace of cooking food. Because of this, the appliance called the vegetable chopper has been high in demand ever since its release. Cutting vegetables could never have got easier and if you wish to own this vegetable chopper then shop for this Bajaj Presto Vegetable Chopper White online.

Product Features:

Bajaj has been a very famous brand that has dealt in manufacturing household appliances of all types and has never failed to impress its customers. It is always a first option when it comes to choosing appliances for the house as it has gained immense popularity and marked a niche for itself in the market. A vegetable cutter is an appliance that is sued to cut vegetables in a fast way in order to speed up the process of preparing meals for your family. By using the vegetable cutter you can be sure to never run out of time and be late in preparing your meals. It will hasten the process of vegetable cutting in turn allowing you to cook meals faster and provide your family members with delicious meals, staying in time with each of their time constraints. The Bajaj vegetable cutter features a chopper bowl with a one touch push button that has a single speed function. It has long laser sharp blades that are efficient to chop vegetables conveniently. It has stainless steel blades that are sharp enough to chop vegetables with one slice, at a fast speed. It has a 50 watt motor that will cut the vegetables in a mechanical and fast manner as well as very neatly. It comprises of a 0.37 l chopper bowl with a lid locking system. It is a user friendly appliance that can easily be used by even children as it is safe and non hazardous, however under adult supervision. Neat and compact in size and looks, this Bajaj Presto Vegetable Chopper White can be easily tucked into a corner of your kitchen without taking too much space. This appliance can be used to cut vegetables of all types and in a neat manner in order to make the process of cooking much easier to complete. It speeds up your cooking process and also enhances your tasks as a homemaker, with the speed enabling you to do other household chores well in time without having to rush through your household tasks. The razor sharp blades will cut the vegetables smoothly and the stainless blades of the vegetable cutter will also ensure that they do not get rusted if at all it comes in touch with moisture. Because of this, you can be sure that the vegetable cutter will last you very long, for years to come, without having to be repaired. This long lasting and non hazardous Bajaj Presto Vegetable Chopper White is a must in your collection of household appliances.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Bajaj Presto

Motor Power: 40 Watt

Attachments: Stainless Steel blade for chopping

Safety: Lid Locking system

Warranty: 2 years manufacturer's warranty

If you wish to speed up the process of cutting vegetables in order to prepare fancy dishes for your family then buy the Bajaj Presto Vegetable Chopper White online.

Product Details
Manufacturer Bajaj
Brand Bajaj
Model Number 1304938
Colour Name Multicolour
Item Package Quantity 1


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