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Bajaj Hand Blender Presto Veg Chopper-White

Bajaj Hand Blender Presto Veg Chopper-White

Brand Bajaj
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Overview: Bajaj Hand Blender Presto Veg Chopper-White

Chopping vegetables makes for a significant part of all your kitchen preparations. While onions make you cry, tomatoes create a huge mess on the kitchen platform. You also have to take care that you don't cut your fingers by mistake. As such, wouldn't it be great if you had a little help chopping up those vegetables so you could just toss them all into the pot and prepare that perfect recipe of your special stew. Now, with the Bajaj Presto Veg Chopper, this dream becomes a reality. The design of this chopper has been created to adapt to the need of the Indian kitchen. So now you can chop onions, capsicums, cucumbers, chillies, bitter gourds and a whole lot much more without having to break a sweat. This Presto veg chopper is also for chopping vegetables for your daily salads and sandwich toppings.

The Bajaj veg chopper exhibits superior features that make chopping a quick and efficient task. It can not only chop but can also be used for mincing purposes. It has a one touch operation, which lets you finely grind the vegetables to meet your needs. The one-touch chopper makes use of long, laser-sharp stainless steel blades, which slices and dices the vegetables with minimum effort.

This veg chopper from Bajaj makes use of a powerful 50 watts motor, which is housed in a safe compartment. The chopping compartment is made from hard plastic and has a lid on the top. You can insert the vegetable to be chopped into this compartment and shut it securely with the help of a safety lock. This lock adhered to European standards and prevents the chopped particles from falling outside. You get a clear view of the chopping function so you can grind the vegetables finer. The chopping compartment also has measuring units marked on one side to help you get an estimate of the quantity of the vegetable chopped.

Equipped with anti-slide rubber feet; this vegetable chopped does not topple over during the chopping process. Moreover, it has a compact design, which allows you to safely store the unit away when not needed. So purchase this veg chopper online and let it do all the hard work, while you relax and spend more time with your family.
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Brand Bajaj

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