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Bajaj RFX1 2000-Watt Room Heater
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Bajaj RFX1 2000-Watt Room Heater

Brand Bajaj
Model Number Majesty RFX 1
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Overview: Bajaj RFX1 2000-Watt Room Heater

Pleasant atmosphere in your room is essential for al occupants to feel warmly comfort the house. You cannot control the weather condition of any place. However, advanced technology has brought to you enough solutions that allow you feel desired comfort by controlling the temperature within enclosed environment. Like air conditioners can lower the room temperature of a place as per your preference, you need an appropriate device to raise the same too. Are you aware of the product that makes you feel desired warmth in winters? If your answer to the above question is 'yes', then you should buy Bajaj Majesty RFX 1 white room heater online today. This device is based on simple technique that enables you to raise the temperature of an enclosed environment easily up to your comfort level. It is easy to handle and functions on basis simple mechanism. Since it is available online, you can go learn about the features of this product via a PC or a smartphone. Besides, you can simply place the order for the device from the comfort of your own home or office. The product will be delivered to your preferred address without any hassle soon. So, you will not have to face the hassle of going to an electronics outlet and waste your precious time.

Features and Heating Mechanism of the Bajaj Room Heater

This room heater functions on the basis of blowing heated air. There are 2 components - there is a fan fitted inside the appliance and a heating element. Both the components are important. You need the plug the power cable of the room heater into a wall socket and switch on in order to heat the device. Depending upon how long you let the electric current pass through it, the heating element inside the room heater gets heated. The control panel of the Bajaj room heater allows you to switch between 1000 Watts power output and 2000 Watts power output. This ability to regulate the intensity of the heat allows you to have a custom atmosphere inside your room. The fan inside the room heater blows the air which gets heated due to the heating elements. So, this Bajaj room heater circulates the air inside the room after passing it through the heating element. Therefore, this device does not introduce foreign element into the room. This offers an assurance that you get the hygienic and clean air. You will not feel discomfort even the slightest degree. In addition to appropriate heating and intensity regulators, the Bajaj 1000 Watts - 2000 Watts room heater offers sound safety to occupants of the room. The device has a thermal fuse, self resetting thermal cutout mechanism, overheating protection and cool touch housing.

Material and design

This room heater from Bajaj has a vertically standing design. The device looks sleek and simple. It has an inbuilt handle that allows you to conveniently carry it from one place to another. The body of the appliance is made of fibre material which ensures that no one from toddlers to elderly in your family will get harmed due to it. The front panel of the room heater is largely the grills to allow expulsion of air. On the top of the front panel of the heater are 2 regulators that allow you to control the heating and flow of air. The grill is very fine and even children will not be able to put their fingers inside it. It protects adults from accidents as well. There is an orange light in the middle of the 2 regulators to indicate the power status of the Bajaj room heater. The heater stands of 4 plastic stands that are made with extending the fibre body of the heater.

Product Features

The main benefit of this Bajaj room heater is that you will feel pleasant and comfortable in winters. However, the heating mechanism of this appliance makes it different from other room heaters that are available in the market. The fan based heating method simply circulates the room air after heating it through the heating element. So, no one in your home will feel irritation or any kind of difficulty. It maintains the right percentage of humidity. The simple design of this Bajaj room heater is another notable attribute of the device. Both children and elders will be able to handle the device easily. Thus, you do not have to be concerned about who will handle the room heater when you are not around it to operate. Therefore, you can go anywhere with peace of mind as anyone at home will be able to operate the appliance. So, shop online for this Bajaj Majesty room heater before winter arrives.

Maintenance and Care Tips

The Bajaj room heater is an electrical appliance. So, users need to follow the instructions on the user manual thoroughly in order to avert any potential hazard. The device has been designed in such a way that it does not pose any danger to anyone under normal circumstance. So, whether you want to clean it, change it location or simply plug into the wall socket, you should read the user manual carefully before doing anything. You should always switch the appliance off when you do not need it. Moreover, if you live in such a region where you do not need the room heater at all during the summer, then you should store the device kept in its box.

About Bajaj

Bajaj is a group of companies that are involved in diverse business domains. It is an Indian conglomerate with headquarters in Pune. It was founded in 1926, and presently encompasses Mukand Engineers Ltd., Hercules Hoists Ltd., Mukand Ltd., Bajaj Electricals Ltd., Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd., Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Ltd., Bajaj Finance Limited., Bajaj Finserv Ltd., Bajaj Holdings & Investment Ltd. And Bajaj Auto Ltd. Bajaj Electricals Ltd. was founded in 1938 and is headquartered in Mumbai. It is involved in the development of LPG based generators, lighting, luminaries, fans and home appliances. Bajaj Electricals have nineteen offices, 1000 distributors, 4000 authorised dealers, 400,000 retail outlets and more than 282 customer care centres interspersed throughout the country.

Key Highlights

2 regulators on the front-top

Quadra safety assurance

Features: Bajaj RFX1 2000-Watt Room Heater

  • Heater in winter and personal fan for use in summer
  • Two heat settings 1000 watts and 2000 watts
  • Fan forced hot air circulation
  • Cool touch housing and built in Handle
  • Adjustable thermostat for desired temperature
  • Overheating protection self resetting thermal cutout and thermal fuse
  • Quadra safety assurance
  • Inbuilt handle
  • Super clean surface finish
  • International design and styling
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Includes: Heater, User manual and Warranty card
Product Details
Manufacturer Bajaj
Manufacturer Part Number 260057
Brand Bajaj
Model Number Majesty RFX 1
Wattage 2,000 Watts
Item Package Quantity 4
Warranty 2 years on product
Technical Specification
Power Source electric

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