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Baltra 1 Ltr Heating Cup 12 Cm Electric Kettle

Baltra 1 Ltr Heating Cup 12 Cm Electric Kettle

Brand Baltra
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Overview: Baltra 1 Ltr Heating Cup 12 Cm Electric Kettle

In recent times, the use of the electric kettle has increased to a large extent and there are many who prefer it over conventional type of kettle. Conventional kettles require you to boil the content inside over and over and it is not easy to prepare tea or coffee on the stove, especially when you are in a hurry. Therefore, at times like this, you need an electric kettle, that will allow you to make tea or coffee faster and without any difficulty. Therefore, if you are looking for an electric kettle, you can easily own the Baltra Heating Cup very easily. This intelligently conceived and meticulously designed electric kettle is ideal for making a warm cuppa on a stressful day. Loaded with a number of beneficial features, this electric kettle is a must have in every kitchen. The contemporary and ergonomic design with a toughened glass top lid as well as the easy functions makes this electric kettle a worthy buy. Take a look at the product features before you opt for it. Therefore, before you go ahead and purchase the product, take a look at the features.

Style, design and features

This electric kettle by Baltra sports an ergonomic design and it is easy to use and handle. Built with premium quality stainless steel, the kettle is durable and utilitarian at the same time. The inner heating elements of this kettle help in heating the liquid in the appliance quickly. This kettle boils water faster than conventional kettles and microwaves and is safer than a stovetop kettle. There is a special auto shut off feature, which means that the kettle automatically shuts down when the content starts boiling. There is a special power indicator light and plug points that allow you to connect the plug. This electric kettle provides an efficient and fast way to brew cups of warm coffee or tea. This electric kettle comes with a lot safety features to ensure safety of the users. There are number of safety features like auto cut-off along with dry boil protection that ensures complete protection for the users. This electric kettle has a special light in weight design and it can be carried with you while you are on the go, especially if you are going to a picnic or moving cities. Special features of this kettle are boil dry protection which ensures protection while you are boiling water. Simple and easy to use, it can be handled by anyone without worrying about getting burnt as far as this kettle is concerned. This kettle guarantees not to discolour even after using it for a prolonged period of time. Moreover, the stainless steel body makes it look visually appealing and is a great addition to your kitchen. This electric kettle has simple and hassle free operations and is also smart and attractive. The specialty of this Baltra electrics kettle is that it allows you to save gas because this kettle heats in no time. Moreover, this product does not affect the taste of the content inside after washing or cleaning. The total capacity of this electric kettle is 1L.

Benefits of using the Genesis Electric Kettle

Heating water or any kind of liquid is very easy with this electronic appliance. Now, you don't have to boil water on the stove, as this Baltra electric kettle can work by just plugging it into a power outlet. You can also simply boil the already prepared tea or coffee or you can boil water to prepare pasta or noodles.


This Baltra electric is not very difficult to maintain. However, to ensure longevity of the product, cleaning it regularly is an important aspect. This should be done to keep it clean from mineral deposits, like hard water, which may cause scaling and it will gradually slow down the heating process. The best way to ensure longevity of this Baltra electric kettle is to throw away the extra water in the kettle after you use it every time, as minerals get deposited in it. So, it is important to ensure that you empty your kettle after every use. Moreover, to prevent the slowing of the heating process of this electric kettle, you could use a limescale catcher. It must be remembered that there are heating elements present at the bottom. Therefore, you must not immerse it in water. You can simply use a liquid detergent that is mild in nature to clean the surface as well as the interior of this kettle. You can simply dab a little bit of this liquid detergent on the sponge or cleaner pad, lather it with water and then gently clean the interior. Avoid using any kind of harsh detergent or bleaching agents, abrasive cleaner like steel wool or scrubber pad as that would hamper the quality of the product as well as the internal mechanism. Therefore, if you wish to own this necessary kitchen appliance for your kitchen and get it delivered to your doorstep, you can buy Baltra Heating Cup 12 Cm online and ensure an enjoyable and smooth cooking experience.

Features at a Glance

1L Capacity

Made from premium quality stainless steel

Stylish chrome finish

Rust-proof body

Convenient size

Auto shut-off feature

Lockable Lid

Concealed heating element

Easy to clean

Easy to maintain

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Product Details
Brand Baltra

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