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Baltra Zest Deep Fryer 1500 W

Baltra Zest Deep Fryer 1500 W

Brand Baltra
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Overview: Baltra Zest Deep Fryer 1500 W

If you are one of those health conscious people who like their food to be unprocessed and almost devoid of any fat, then you must check out this air fryer brought to you by Baltra. This air fryer has one major advantage - it will cook your French fries without any oil at all. The air fyrer from Baltra is black in colour and has a classy finish. It will not only fit easily in your kitchen without taking up much table space, it will make your kitchen look good too. The air fryer is made of sturdy materials and thus it will last a long time. The easily accessible buttons make this kitchen appliance easy to operate too. All you need to do is get the food and put it in the fryer. Once it is cooked you can enjoy the best possible fries made without any oil. If you are looking for a device that will let you enjoy fried food without making you feel guilty, why wait anymore? Shop for the Baltra Zest Air Fryer online today and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Product Features

The Baltra Zest Air Fryer has a well insulated body that will ensure that you will never have to face any short circuit problems. The buttons present on the body makes the device an easy one to operate one. The air fryer has a capacity of 2 litres and it comes with a removable lid. The carbon odour filter will ensure that the food you fry does not release odour. The Non-Stick Coating on the inner part of the fryer makes it all the more convenient. Thus you will be able to clean it easily and your meat and veggies will not stick to the pan inside and you will have the best possible and tasty fries every time. The fryer consumes 1500 watts of power and thus you will have delicious fries in no time at all.

An air fryer uses a combination of very high speed air circulation that is accompanied by a top grill. This way the hot air circulates inside the device and thus heats up the ingredients inside the basket. The food item placed in the basket gets heated up from all sides, making healthy fries for you. The major benefit of the fryer is that it will let you cook food that is cripy and hot on the outside yet soft and juicy inside. The Baltra Zest Air Fryer does not need oil to fry your food. This way you will always be having healthy food, no matter what you eat. You will be able to fry everything that you want to without having to pour any oil in them. So if you are a health conscious person or if you are diabetic, this device will not take away your beloved dishes from you. Thus when you make French fries in the fryer, your fries contain much less fat than in fries cooked in the conventional way.  Another advantage of a fryer is that you will be able to cook your fries in much less time. You will be able to cook a considerable amount of food in very little time and this fryer is going to be the saviour when you have friends over for dinner. The basket is easy to clean and maintain as well. You will be able to fry any food you wan to in this fryer. You can fry chicken, make patties, make grilled chicken and do much more with the fryer. So why wait? Buy the Baltra Zest Air Fryer online now.

Key Highlights

Removable Lid

Easy to use

Black finish looks good in your kitchen

Compact size and thus does not take up much space

Easy to clean and maintain

Product Details
Brand Baltra

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