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Baspo Chrome Dumbells 4Kgs (2Kg each)

Baspo Chrome Dumbells 4Kgs (2Kg each)

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Overview: Baspo Chrome Dumbells 4kgs

If you are a working professional and you do not have time to head out to the gym every day or if you like to workout at the comfort of your home, then you must make room for these Baspo Chrome Dumbells 4Kgs (2Kg each). These chrome plated dumbbells will last a long time and look much better than the cast iron dumbbells. They will let you perform a wide array of exercises at the comfort of your own home and you will not have to disrupt your packed schedule to go to the gym. So what are you waiting for? Shop online for this pair of dumbbells from Baspo today and start working out at home.

Stay Healthy and Fit

Chrome plated dumbbells not only look good but also last longer than cast iron dumbbells. They are easy to grip and workout with. Cast iron dumbbells may harm the skin of your palms but with these chrome dumbbells from Baspo, the corns in your palms will become history. Baspo manufactures fitness equipments that are imported as well and they have over 2000 fitness products and gym equipments. With this pair of chrome dumbbells you can workout every single part of the body and thus they are a must-have for you if you like to work out and do not want to go to a gym. The chrome dumbbells weigh 4 kilograms as a pair and thus they are of 2 kilograms each. This makes this pair of dumbbells perfect for every beginner and also for women. Since beginners cannot lift heavy weights, they have to start off their workout with lighter weights and these light dumbbells are perfect for them. The weight is perfect even for women. As women do not need huge muscles and heavier weights may cause injuries, women can easily workout with a pair of 2 kilogram dumbbells.

Baspo Chrome Dumbbell Workouts

With a pair of dumbbells you can perform dumbbell bench presses by lying down flat on a bench. This will strengthen the muscles of your chest. To further workout the chest muscles you can also perform butterflies. You can also workout your shoulder muscles and do military press exercises and standard dumbbell shoulder press exercises. To workout the abdomen, you can perform side bending exercises with a dumbbell in each hand. With the dumbbells held parallel on each side of your shoulders, you can perform squats and build your leg muscles. You can perform bicep curls, hammer curls and wrist curls to build the muscles in your arms. You can also perform tricep extensions and French presses to tone up your triceps. Women can perform similar exercises without having to worry about bulking up or getting injured. Thus this pair of Baspo dumbbells is essential if you want to workout at home. If you are a gym manager, you too can buy this pair of dumbbells to add it to the dumbbell rack. So do not wait anymore. Buy the Baspo 4 kg dumbbells online.

Features: Baspo Chrome Dumbells 4kgs

  • Material: Chrome
  • Disclaimer: Colour available in stock will be sent actual colour may differ from the picture
Product Details
Manufacturer Baspo
Manufacturer Part Number BSP0107-BHASEEN-Baspo
Brand Baspo
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 4 kg

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