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HCL Mobile Battery Power Bank Portable Emergency Charger USB LED TORCH 7800Mah

HCL Mobile Battery Power Bank Portable Emergency Charger USB LED TORCH 7800Mah

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Product Description

The biggest problem everyone, young and old has today, is low battery power complains. But worry no more, the HCL Mobile Battery Power Bank Portable Emergency Charger is here to save your day.

Save Time

Save time when you are on the go by charging up this HCL mobile battery power bank and use it to power up all your peripherals later. The modern world today is not satisfied with one gadget, we need phones, then MP3 players, tablets and so on. But charging each of these gadgets often wastes time and when we are in a hurry, we tend to forget to charge the most important gadgets. Save time and worry less with this portable charger.

Emergency Use

Though designed for everyday use, this USB LED torch charger is highly efficient for emergency use. With excessive use of internet in our smartphones and also applications and games, even the best phones in the market do not have a battery to last for a time as long as we need. And often, it is in the most important times that we find our battery is too low to even make a call. But, you won't have to worry about low batter power with this HCL portable charger in your hand.

Anytime, Anywhere

We live in a world that is interconnected, so stay updated anytime, anywhere you are with this portable charger. When travelling to distant countries or on holidays and trekking expeditions, lack of charging facilities won't have to bother you with this mobile battery power bank in your bag.


This HCL portable charger also serves as a flashlight. When there is lack of electricity in the place you are travelling to or for any other emergency purpose, just on the LED torch and your world is bright again.

Shop this HCL mobile battery power bank portable emergency charger now and stay updated anytime, anywhere!


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