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Beat By Dr. Dre OEM Solo Wired Headphones (Black)

Beat By Dr. Dre OEM Solo Wired Headphones (Black)

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Product Description

Get your hands on this Beats by Dr.Dre OEM solo headphones and change the way you listen to music. The headphone has a very unique amplification system that gives you the best of the best experience when listening to music with a perfect balance of the bass and treble.

Beats by Dr. Dre is a USA based company which is a division of Apple that makes audio devices. As the name suggests, this brand was co-founded by rapper and hip hop artist Dr. Dre. Having a music artist being the co-founder and the link to Apple gives you that sense of advanced and perfected technology in it.


This Beats by Dr. Dre OEM solo headphone, black comes with a nice hardened plastic frame which is vey sturdy and does not break in a hurry. The sponge used around the head phones is of premium quality and you feel to utmost comfort when you put them on. The shape of the headphone is very trendy and different from the normal conventional headphones that we see everyday. It has a unique design with the authentic Beats logo on each side. This headphone is most suitable for the young generation as it has a very trendy and hip look. The colour contrast between the black body of the headphone and the red coloured logo is very special. The most unique feature about this product is that you can detach the headphone wire from the headphone. It is convenient for times when you are not listening to music. You can simply hang this wonderful piece of gadget around your neck and it will surely add some style to you. This feature is also convenient as many a times headphone wires tend to get spoilt very fast and as a result the whole set becomes useless. But in this case even if the wire gets spoilt, you can get a new auxiliary cable from a nearby electronics shop and connect it to this headphone. The sound clarity of this headphone is very unique and it covers your ears to cancel out any external noise around you to give you the best experience while you put it on. It has a perfect balance of treble and bass and as a result you can hear every little detail in your music. You can also use this device for watching movies as the superior sound quality will give you an experience of a lifetime.

This headphone has a unique feature that it can be folded into a smaller shape. There is an axis on each side on using which you can fold it and it will become almost half of its size. This is very convenient for the times when you need to fit it into a bag or into some place where the whole headphone will not fit. There is a soft lining of sponge on the inner layer of the top layer of the headphone. This gives your head a soft cushion and the material used for it is of superior quality. This product is made from a very superior quality polymer and as a result it is very durable and yet very flexible. You can twist and turn this product is all kinds of shapes but it will not break or even crack an inch.

How to maintain

This product is a very sturdy one but however just like every other electronic products, some measures have to be taken to ensure that you get the best experience from it. It is advisable not to let this headphone come in contact with water or any other type of liquid products as this may hamper with the electronic parts inside. It is good to clean this product with a dry cloth from time to time to not also make it look clean but also to avoid the accumulation of dust which may hamper with the product. Last but not the least is to make sure that you keep the wire properly and untangled as this may cause it for the wire to cease functioning.

This Beats by Dr. Dre OEM solo headphone is just a click away and you can get this product delivered to your doorstep in no time. So what are you waiting for? Buy Beats by Dr. Dre OEM solo headphone online today and get the best of music.

Key Highlights

A very trendy and youthful design

Made from superior quality plastic and very sturdy

Detachable headphone wire which can be plugged out whenever you don't need them

Can be folded into a smaller shape to fit easily in your bad

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Brand BEAT

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