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Beetel M51 Landline Phone

Beetel M51 Landline Phone

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Product Description

Mobile telephony has come a long way since it was first introduced to the masses. Today smartphones rule the roost. This is because of the innumerable benefits they offer. They are easy to use, have made communication easy, instantaneous and entertaining and they also function as mini entertainment units. With a smartphone by your side, you really do not need any other kind of entertainment. You can watch movies, listen to music or chat with your friends and family for hours. However, there are a lot of people who still prefer using fixed landlines because of their convenience. Fixed landlines prevent breach of privacy and limit accessibility, which works well for a lot of people. Mobile phones increased accessibility, which means anyone can reach you anywhere, even if you like it or not. With landlines, this wasn't possible. Nobody could reach you until you took their call. Also, IM platforms such as Whats App and We Chat too breach privacy. This again is not possible with landlines. Hence there are a lot of people who prefer using landline numbers over mobile phones. These days wired handsets come in very attractive designs and models and you can easily have them installed at your home. They come in a variety of colours too to suit your taste. If you have been looking for a good wired handset, here is a product from the house of Beetel.

The Beetel M51 CLI Corded Phone is a unique product that can help you receive and make calls much easily. This product features an FSK/DTMF compatible caller ID which allows you to identify all incoming calls. It has a 16 digit LCD display that clearly displays the IDs of numbers that call you. It has the capacity to remember 30 incoming caller IDs and 5 outgoing caller IDs. So whenever you want to check the numbers that have called you, all you need to do is go back to the phone memory and check it. You can also view the time, date, month and year on this phone as it comes with a clock that can display all these details. The LCD on this fixed landline phone comes with the features that allows you to adjust its contrast in 6 levels. It comes with a 31 digit redial memory and has features such as toggle, mute, tone/pulse which are selectable using the keypad. This product comes in a beautiful black colour.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Beetel, which specialises in wired and wireless handsets. Other products from this brand include Beetel M71 CLI Corded Phone (White), Beetel M51 CLI Corded Phone (Black), BEETEL M73 - STYLISH RETRO DESIGN LANDLINE PHONE (White & Red) with 1 Year Mfg. Warranty, Beetel X66 Cordless Phone, Beetel X63 Cordless Phone, Beetel M 27 Corded Phone (Black) etc.

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Product Features

  • FSK/DTMF compatible caller ID
  • 16 digit single LCD display
  • 30 incoming memory and 5 outgoing memory
  • Real time clock with year,date and month display
  • 6 step LCD contrast adjustable
  • 31 digits redial memory
  • Toggle mute, tone/pulse selectable through

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