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Beetel X62 Cordless Phone (Black/Silver)

Beetel X62 Cordless Phone (Black/Silver)

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Product Description

The invention of telephone introduced a new era in the communication technology. However, the introduction of mobile phone considerably reduced the significance of the landline which cannot be carried along with you wherever you go. However, landline phones are considered as a symbol of authenticity. Now, are you confused about whether to prioritise mobility or authenticity? If your answer to the above question is 'yes', you should buy Beetel X63 cordless phone online today. This communication equipment combines the mobility of a mobile phone with the authenticity factor of a landline model. Since it is available online, you will not have to waste your time in search for the right communication device. You can simply place the order for this Beetel phone via your PC or smartphone and get the product delivered to your preferred location.

Features and Design of the Beetel Cordless Phone

Beetel has designed and developed this cordless phone in order to change your perspective of landline phones. The X62 is not a mobile phone that you can carry along with you outside your home, office, shop or wherever you have installed the device. However, it does not pose the limitation that conventional landline telephone sets pose. The entire setup of cordless phone has 2 units. On one hand it stands on your desk or shelf, or wherever you want to place the device. On the other side, the handset can be removed from the stand. You can carry it with you anywhere you want within a predefined range. However, if you take the device out of the operating range, the Beetel cordless phone will not be able to function.

The Beetel cordless phone has enough memory to store 50 names and 20 incoming calls. The device has 10 ring melodies. The handset of the Beetel cordless phone has 2 ways speakers and illuminated keypad. Therefore, you will be able to locate each key on the handset without mistake every time you want to press any key. Other notable functions that the Beetel cordless phone has are adjustable ringing volume, alarm function, handset on/off and handset locator. In other words, this Beetel cordless phone has the features and functions of a mobile phone but with limited range of mobility.

Speciality and Benefits of Beetel Cordless Phone

The Beetel black and grey phone makes calling and receiving calls convenient for you. With this model of communication equipment at your disposal, you will not have to compromise on effective talking. If the environment is not suitable to make a call or receive an incoming one, you can simply take the handset and go to suitable place where you can have effective conversation. This advantage is of immense significance in offices, shops and other public places. If there is too much cross talk, you can take the handset into a conference room or some place quiet. Therefore, there is no restriction of being confined within the range of the curly telephone cable. So, shop online for the Beetel cordless black and grey phone at the earliest and enhance the effectiveness of telephonic communication.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Beetel Cordless Phone

Whether you have used a landline or a mobile phone, or not, you must know that electronic devices are prone to damage due to liquid spillage. Accidental spill of water, tea, coffee, juice, oil and other liquid is one of the most prominent causes that damage electronic appliances. Since it is a cordless phone, you need to be extra careful. You or your family members may leave the handset anywhere after using it. You need to make sure that everyone places the handset back on the stand or keeps it at a designated place. Such careless behaviour often leads to loss of device. Even if the handset is not lost, you will have to unnecessarily go through the harassment of searching the device when you need it in urgency. You should prevent the device from falling from considerable height. These are some of the general and common preventive and protective measures that you should ensure for longevity of the Beetel cordless phone. However, you should still read the instructions on the user manual that is supplied along with the device.

About Beetel

Beetel is officially known as Beetel Teletech Limited. It is a leading Indian distributor and manufacturer of wide ranges of innovative products such as IT peripherals, enterprise solutions, landline telephones, mobile handsets, and cordless phone.

Key Highlights

LCD backlit

2 ways speaker

50 names book

20 incoming call and 10 outgoing cal memory

Black and grey in colour

Product Features

  • LCD display
  • DTMF/FSK CLI compatible
  • 50 names phonebook
  • 20 incoming and 10 outgoing calls memory
  • LCD backlight
  • Two-way speakerphone
  • Illuminated keypad

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Overall Rating 3.2 out of 5 stars
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