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Belkin QODE Fast Fit Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina Display, White/Silver (F5L153ttC01)
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Belkin QODE Fast Fit Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina Display, White/Silver (F5L153ttC01)

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Product Description

The Belkin Fastfit Wireless Keyboard Case is sure to give you the best experience with your iPad mini. Yes, the thin and light structure of the wireless keyboard will enhance your experience. The Wireless Keyboard case is made only specifically for your iPad mini, is comfortable, durable and long-lasting. Typing becomes a breeze with this wireless case. Now you can easily update your blogs, social media, write articles and text and enjoy the experience throughout. The TruType keys on this wireless case are well-spaced and comfortable to type. It is just like the keyboard of a laptop, makes typing error-free and faster. Also, the Belkin Fastfit Wireless Keyboard Case has function-specific keys for moderating volume, copying and pasting text and controlling music. Isn't this interesting? The most appealing fact of this keyboard case is that it has a battery life of 3 months when on standby mode. No other device is as active and attractive as this wireless keyboard case. Since the keyboard is specifically made for your iPad mini, it can be paired with other iPads with the Bluetooth feature in it. The wireless keyboard, with its sleek design is a striking model, looks rich and the user is sure to be a proud owner of such a useful device. The Belkin Fastfit Wireless Keyboard is a sturdy device, constructed with anodized aluminum, which makes it light in weight and protects the keyboard from scratches and scrapes. The wireless keyboard weighs 453.6 grams and the dimensions of this product are 1.8 cm X 15.5 cm X 23.1 cm.

Keyboards, these days play a crucial role in our routine lives. While you're hooked onto social media most of the times, a smooth keyboard helps to enhance your experience and fast typing becomes a breeze. If you are willing to spend a bomb on your iPad mini, it is also better to shell out some more to spend on the wireless keyboard. Also, when you are a blog-addict, this wireless keyboard is a savior for you.

Belkin is an American manufacturer mainly of wireless products. This enhances connectivity and makes browsing a convenient process. Belkin deals with products including routers, mobile computing accessories, iPod and iPhone accessories, USB and computer network, surge protectors, cables and racks and enclosures. Apart from iPod, iPad and iPhone accessories, Belkin also provides connectivity devices for Notebooks and Netbooks, such as, cases, cooling pads, cushions and power adapters. And did you know? Belkin has also acquired Linksys in March 2013, which means that it maintains its own brand as well as Linksys brand. Belkin is one of the best companies when it comes to dealing with wireless devices and connectivity products.

Product Features

  • Well-Spaced, TruType Comfortable Keys
  • Function-specific keys for copying and pasting text, moderating volume and controlling music
  • Built-in stand accommodates the iPad mini in both portrait and landscape modes
  • Up to 3 months of battery life when on stand-by
  • Durable anodized aluminum construction makes it lightweight and protects from scratches and scuffs
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Pairs with iPad through Bluetooth
  • Sleek design to minimize bulk
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 453.6 grams
Product Dimensions 1.8 cm x 15.5 cm x 23.1 cm

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Overall Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars
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