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The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar

Language English
Contributor(s) Sylvia Plath
Binding Paperback
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Overview: The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar is a novel, which revolves around the life of Esther Greenwood, who witnesses a series of unfortunate events in her life, which leads her to depression. The book was written by Sylvia Plath. It is believed that the book was written in an semi-autobiographical manner, with the names of people and places changed. She had written many other books, such as Crossing the Water, Ariel, and Letters Home. You can buy this book, from the online bookstore of the sellers featured on Compare prices before you buy, in order to get the best deal. This edition of the book was published in 2012, by Faber and Faber.

In The Bell Jar, Esther Greenwood, who gains an internship at a popular fashion magazine in New York, is not stimulated by the glamorous lifestyle, which the city offers. Soon she gets depressed, as she faces several encounters, where men try to oppress her both physically and emotionally. The oppressive, patriarchal society frightens her and disorients her from her ambitions. She returns to her mother in Massachusetts. Her depression and uneasiness increases with time. She visits a psychiatrist, Dr. Gordon, who prescribes her electro-convulsive therapy. The mental condition of Esther keeps on deteriorating and she even tries to commit suicide. She then meets Dr. Nolan, a female therapist, who helps her recover. Esther discloses her fears, her insecurities and how she envies the freedom of men, to Dr. Nolan. The therapist assists Esther in gaining her confidence back and in becoming a normal woman again.

The Bell Jar addresses the question of women's identity in a male-dominated society in mid 20th century. This novel has been translated into twelve languages. This paperback edition of the book is available in English and has 240 pages. The ISBN 10 number of the book is 057130205X and ISBN 13 number of the book is 9780571302055.
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date December 1, 2012
Publisher Faber & Faber
Contributor(s) Sylvia Plath
Binding Paperback
ISBN 10 057130205X
ISBN 13 9780571302055
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