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Berg Multi Cuisine Maker

Berg Multi Cuisine Maker

Brand Berg
Model Number B12
Colour Black
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Overview: Berg Multi Cuisine Maker

Berg Multi Cuisine Maker is one of those kitchen appliances with which you can cook multi cuisine foods. You can not only use it as a griller, but you can also use it as an electric tandoor. Furthermore, you can also use it to toast and bake various food items, defrost frozen foods, and heat foods faster than before. This multi cuisine maker is a great way to have home cooked foods, which are going to be not only delicious, but healthy too, at the same time.

Toast, barbecue, bake, or grill with this appliance

Cooking can be monotonous at times. However, with Berg Multi Cuisine Maker cooking is going to be more exciting than ever. You can experiment with various kinds of dishes and foods with this electronic item. You can bake biscuits and rolls with it, toast breads, grill vegetables, fish and meat, barbecue food items and make tandoori dishes. Free grill and skewer rods are available with the product.

The tandoor helps you save time, energy and money

You need not worry about pre-heating the maker, unlike most of the ovens. You will simply have to turn on the heat and start grilling items. So, defrosting frozen food items can be done in no time at all. You can also reheat foods faster than before with this electric tandoor.

Cook healthy food with this electric tandoor

Unlike other tandoors and grillers, you can cook food or grill food on this product without using oil. Oil free food is considered to be healthy and can aid you in maintaining a oil free diet, which can help a lot in slimming down.

The device is safe to use

This kitchen appliance not only cooks multi cuisine preparations or saves energy and money, but is safe to use as well. It is light in weight, has tough glass panes, has extra safe heating and is shock proof. So, with this appliance, you can cook numerous types of healthy and yummy dishes with ease.

Features: Berg Multi Cuisine Maker

  • It is Ideal for tandoori and grilled items
  • Oil free cooking
  • Light weight and elegant looks
  • Shock proof
  • Extra safe heating elements
Product Details
Brand Berg
Model Number B12
Colour Black
Wattage 1,500 Watts

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