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Best Indian Short Stories: 1

Best Indian Short Stories: 1

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Harper Collins India
he Indian short story is extraordinary in its ability to stick to the traditional rules of the craft and still demonstrate remarkable originality. It revolves around a limited number of characters, confines itself in time and space, and has a well-plotted Narrative that drives its central theme. Within the traditional framework, however, creativity flowers, and what emerges is a story that is marked with freshness and imagination. This volume is chock-full with such stories, written by authors well known in their regional languages as well as those who made names for themselves in English literary circles. Carefully selected by Khushwant Singh, India's literary giant, these pieces represent the best of Indian Writing from around the country. About The Author: Khushwant Singh is the most widely read author in India today. His weekly columns are reproduced by over fifty journals in all the regional languages of the country. He has done different Things at different Times : Practiced law, ... See more
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