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Bestway Portable Sofa Cum Bed for Living Room

Bestway Portable Sofa Cum Bed for Living Room

Brand Bestway
Size Two Seats
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Overview: Bestway Portable Sofa Cum Bed for Living Room

Bestway is far off the most incredible and innovative global company in the market and it has yet again proved its efficiency by making available the portable sofa cum bed which is a true example of elegance , comfort and innovation .The sofa cum bed is an impressive and exquisite piece of furniture .It is black in color, highly portable, very light in weight and yet very sturdy.

It's a must have for the modern day household. It makes your house both fashionable and clutter free .The sofa cum bed is high on time saving, space saving and works perfectly for your multi - purpose furniture needs. It can be used as a sofa, double bed, recliner and single bed .In today's time when nobody wants to collect bulk this product satisfies all your needs. It is a fancy black piece of furniture which is undoubtedly a very fine addition to the living room. Extra guests at home and sleep- over are no more a hassle. Now it's just a matter of minutes and you can accommodate everybody easily and conveniently.

The best part about this product is that it is easily portable; it can be deflated and can be carried around anywhere. It is sturdy, comfortable, efficient, fancy looking, easy to carry and is very light weight .when not in use, storage is not a problem. It can be packed and kept away anywhere, cupboards and shelves, under the bed just anywhere. It hardly takes any time to be inflated, a maximum of 4 minutes and it's ready for use. It has a lot of other purposes also, you just need to get creative, and one can use it for outdoor activities, picnics, pool parties, camping and even inside a pool.

The sofa cum bed is easy to use and very convenient too .you also get a few tools and attachment with it for its setup. You get a very smart looking carrying bag which really helps in its packaging and proper keeping, a jet propulsion electric pump for quick inflating and extra inflation nozzles. It comes in an elegant black color and is made of Polypropylene which is a very durable material. Though one should ensure that this sofa is kept away from heat and fire. It is very soft and comfortable to sleep on. The dimension of this product in cm is 193(height)*152(width)*64(height).

This incredible product is by a brand named Bestway .Bestway was established in 1994, It has over nine overseas branches covering more than five continents. Its major offices are situated in Phoenix Arizona , Milan Italy , Santiago Chile, Sydney Australia and Hong Kong .Bestway is an expert in the supply chain of inflatable leisure products. It presently represents 25% of the global market. It's a global company which is committed and also very efficient. They sell high quality and durable products .All their products are innovative and easy to use .They have a wide range of products starting from water sports products like surf boards, above ground pools, spas, inflatable air mattresses and everyday inflatable swimming products.

This brand has it all. They ensure the satisfaction of their customers and are readily available for any kind of help and assistance. They focus on making the life of their consumers easy and comfortable by serving them products from a very wide range. Bestway has representation in almost 80 countries and continues to spread .They sell products in more than 120 countries and are spread in over 5 continents

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Product Details
Brand Bestway
Size Two Seats

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  1.  Waste of money 15 October, 2013 On
    Never buy this sofa. This is a sheer waste of money and you can't do anything with this junk. I purchased this long back and the only purpose it serves is as a safer playground for my kid as it is neither a sofa nor a bed and I curse myself for making this purchase decision.
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