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Dishonored (Download) by Bethesda

Dishonored (Download) by Bethesda

Manufacturer Bethesda
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Overview: Dishonored

There are many people out there who are crazy for playing games. Gaming keeps you alive and energetic in a very different sense wherein, one has to fully connect with the situation as in our real life. When was the last time a game asked you to wait? Not just for a loading screen but for real time waiting? The ability to sit immersed in a game world for minutes at a time, watching, plotting and planning. If you haven't experienced anything like this before, then you are missing something. Dishonored is the perfect game that can make you experience all this for sure.

About the Product

It is a first person action adventure game that thrusts you into the role of a supernatural assassin driven by a thirst for revenge. Dishonored has flexible combat system, that creatively eliminates your targets as you bring together the supernatural abilities, weapons and unusual gadgets at your disposal. Hunt down your enemies under the cover of darkness or viciously attack them head on with weapons drawn. The malleable combat system allows you to creatively synthesise your abilities and super natural powers as you negotiate your way through the levels and dispatch your targets. They are multiple missions in this game and the results of each mission are a result of choice you make. The game world is a series of self-contained, mission-focused areas designed for multiple avenues of exploration in terms of in-game movement and powers.  Between missions, the player is taken to a central hub called the Hound Pits pub where the player character Corvo can meet with his allies, receive mission briefings and alternate objectives, and convert recovered loot into new equipment and upgrades. The player can save his or her progress anywhere, and the game includes a checkpoint save system. The game has four difficulty levels which modify the effectiveness of health and mana (magic) options, and enemies' awareness, damage delivered, and responsiveness. There are six active powers in the game and four passive ones. Each can be upgraded only once using secret runs found during your missions. Your weapons have a little more room to evolve, but even these are kept tightly controlled. Blueprints will allow your Tesla-esque scientist ally to create new gizmos as well. In the easy setting, health regeneration is possible. There is a whole new adventurous world waiting for you to indulge into, so don't just wait and buy your game now. This game can be played on both pc as well as x-box.

About the Manufacturer

Dishonored video game is developed by Arkane Studios which is a French video game developer based in Lyon, France and published by Bethesda Soft works which is a North-American video game publisher. Bethesda has been a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment content for over two decades.

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Manufacturer Bethesda

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     Honored! 22 January, 2014 On
    The Dishonored by Bethesda Studios is a first person action game.The plot is really simple the protagonist is framed for the murder for the queen,he strives to prove his innocence.
    Although the plot is simple,thegame is one of the best sandbox games in the year,there are various methods we could take to manipulate the game.
    The way you adapt to play changes the ending of the game,it has more than 1 ending and all are totally different.
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