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Between the Lives

Between the Lives

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Language English
Contributor(s) Jessica Shirvington, Matilda Reed
Binding Audio CD
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Overview: Between the Lives

Between the Lives is an intriguing novel that will make you turn pages and keep you hooked to it till the very end. It transcends through the realms of fantasy, thriller and the paranormal. The book is written in a fascinating manner and will keep the readers under its spell. Its lucid prose paint a vivid picture of the scenes and make your fantasies float.

Paranormal ThrillerBetween the Lives is a paranormal thriller which revolves around the life of Sabine, who has lived two lives for as long as she can remember. She slips into her 'other' life every 24 hours. In her alternate life, she remains the same person while everyone and everything else around her changes. Her unconventional life makes her take some reckless risks, which later on have major consequences. The story goes through many twists and turns, making it difficult for the readers to predict the future. The plot of the story is fascinating and charming at the same time. The language used in the book is simple, making it easier for the readers to understand the different scenarios. The novel is suitable for all and will appeal to readers from all walks of life. It presents the convoluted plot of the book in a straightforward manner, while keeping the mystery of the situations intact. Enjoy the roller-coaster ride of Sabine's dual life with this novel.

Pure EntertainmentBetween the Lives is entertaining, thrilling and captivating at the same time. This book, written by much acclaimed mystery and fantasy novel writer, Jessica Shirvington, will tangle your senses and keep you engaged throughout. The author has written several other best-selling novels such as Empower, Endless and Entice. She knows exactly what thrills the masses and successfully provides them the scintillation and mystery that they have so eagerly been looking for. The book also has deep underlying messages embedded in its storyline. It explores human nature and bonds. The novel also looks to examine how people react in different situations. It delivers poignant messages through simple words. The book also depicts how a person's life is affected by the choices he/she makes. The author weaves a spellbinding story, keeping the readers entertained and intrigued. The book is a real page turner and is a valuable addition to any bibliophile's collection. To get this product, you can place the order online.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date May 13, 2013
Publisher Bolinda Audio
Contributor(s) Jessica Shirvington, Matilda Reed
Binding Audio CD
Edition Unabridged
ISBN 10 1743151292
ISBN 13 9781743151297
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 204 grams
Product Dimensions 16.5 cm x 1.6 cm x 14 cm
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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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     Two lives, too much.. 12 December, 2013 On
    As soon as Between the Lives turned up on my doorstep, I started reading it straight away. With such a unique and interesting premise, it captivated me from the moment I read the blurb and saw the cover.

    Sabine is a teenager who lives two lives, each completely different to the other. In one life, she’s a rebel who has a less than perfect family, one who is poor and never impressed with her. In the other, she lives a dream life as one of the most popular girls in the school who lives in a wealthy family. Every 24 hours at midnight, she shifts between one life to the next, retaining her memories of each life while she is expected to retain a completely different personality.

    From describing the challenges in her Roxbury life, to her lack of passion with her ‘perfect’ boyfriend in Wellesley, I was captivated. Sabine has been going through this all of her life (or more appropriate, lives) and she’s clearly learnt how to survive by lying and being what people want her to be. As she nears her 18th birthday, never has she felt so lost. With her constant fear of letting something slip about her other identity and undergoing the traumatic shift at midnight, Sabine has never felt so alone.

    That is, until she discovers a loophole when she breaks her arm and for the first time, it doesn’t carry over to her next life. She begins a series of terrifying experiments to see whether she can finally choose the life she wants to live. And that’s where everything spirals out of control and she meets the only person who will ever believe her – Ethan.

    I found Between the Lives to be compelling, intelligent, and thrilling. The author describes the fear and uncertainty that Sabine feels with such clarity that it feels like you’re experiencing it along with her. From her perfect Wellesley life to growing closer to Ethan under less than ideal circumstances, Sabine’s life is fascinating. She’s constantly torn between terrifying circumstances, kind of lost between the two.

    Ethan and Sabine are a couple that I found myself rooting for, hoping that they would get a happy ever after ending. As Sabine considers ending one life so she can live completely in the other – Ethan teaches her the meaning of living life to the fullest and showing her that love can make the impossible happen. The couple’s lives are sweet yet tragic and they somehow bond in a heart wrenching way.

    With a powerful ending that pulled at the heart strings, Between the Lives packed a punch with it’s compelling story and beautiful characters that will leave you with a lasting impression. My only complaint, and it is a small one, is that we never really get answers about why Sabine lives two lives. I wish there was a sequel to this but alas, that’s not the case.

    I received a review copy from HarperCollins Australia in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much for this opportunity, I absolutely loved the book.
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