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Bhamane Satyabhamane (Telugu Movie)

Bhamane Satyabhamane (Telugu Movie)

Format DVD
DVD Regions Southeast Asia, East Asia, including Hong Kong
Actor(s) Meena, Heera, Gemini Ganesan Kamal Haasan
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Product Description

Bhamane Satyabhamane is an all-time favourite Telugu comedy movie. This Telugu entertainer has the legendary cast of actors Gemini Ganeshan, Kamal Hasan, Meena and Heera. It was also remade into a Bollywood movie named Chachi 420 starring Kamal Hasan, Tabu, and Amrish Puri. This funny film falls along the lines of Mrs Doubtfire. Kamal Hasan plays the role of two characters in the movie just to win back his lady-love. Just like Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire, actor Kamal Hasan has got into the character from the first shot to the last. Adorning a lady's role, the dedicated actor is unrecognizable and delivers hours of fun and laughter on the screen. The supporting cast is equally hilarious with their dialogue deliveries and facial expressions.

Story Of The Movie

The film begins in a courtroom where Janaki (Meena) is fighting a case against her husband, Pandian (Kalam Hasan), for divorce. Pandian earns a modest income from his job where he works as an assistant dance director. Janaki married Pandian against the wishes of her father. However, after having a child, Janaki is regretful of the mistake she has committed, and claims for divorce. Soon, she is granted the divorce. The court though allows Pandian to meet their daughter once a week, and this brings solace to him. Nonetheless, Pandian genuinely loves his daughter, and soon finds a way to be by her side at all times. He gets the idea of playing an old woman and working as a caretaker in his wife's house. What happens next is a complete makeover of a grown man into an old woman. With a new identity and look that is completely deceiving, Pandian can now stay close to both his daughter and ex-wife, without them knowing his true identity. A hilarious series of event then continues in his life where lots of misunderstandings lead to rib-tickling moments for the audiences. Can he win back his lost love and daughter? How will his in-laws react? To find out, order online Bhamane Satyabhamane DVD and have a hearty laugh with your family and friends. This movie DVD certainly makes a good gift idea as well.

Product Details
Publication Date January 1, 2004
Format DVD
DVD Regions Southeast Asia, East Asia, including Hong Kong
Genre Drama - melodramas, drama
Censor Rating U (Universal)
Actor(s) Meena, Heera, Gemini Ganesan Kamal Haasan
Producer(s) Deva
Studio K.P.Hari Productions

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  1.  best comedy entertainer 3 March, 2014 On
    Bhamane satyabhamane is an all time hit movie of legend actor Kamalahasan.It is great comedy entertainer with Kamalahasan dual ladyrole.Kamal is adedicated actor and we cant even recognize him as Kamal in that picture.Not only in getup in each & every aspect he behaved like apakka woman.Storyline is good and all the other actors Meena,Heera,& Geminiganeshan acted very well.First to last tempo is maintained.We can buy this D.V.D as collection .of great legend.He does not act ,he enters into that character.
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