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Bhaseen's Weight Lifting  Adjustable Dumbells 16kg , 8 X 2kgs plus 2 Dumbells Rods

Bhaseen's Weight Lifting Adjustable Dumbells 16kg , 8 X 2kgs plus 2 Dumbells Rods

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Product Description

One of the first things that a man or woman sees in a person of the opposite sex is their fitness level. A fit body can be a magnet for attraction, and help you live a long and healthy life. However, if you thought that the only way to get a fit and toned body was by following a strict diet or by taking expensive gym memberships, you are wrong. You can achieve a fit and toned body by working out regularly in your home with Bhaseen's Weight Lifting Adjustable Dumbbells.

A Great Addition to Your Home Gym

Get Bhaseen's Weight Lifting Adjustable Dumbbells for your home gym and it will only be a matter of time before you achieve your fitness goals through regular workout with these dumbbells. You can use these dumbbells for strength training and tone your chest muscles, shoulders, calves, biceps, and triceps in no time. However, make sure that you know what you are doing before you start working out with these dumbbells. Remember safety is of utmost importance when lifting heavy weights such as these Bhaseen's Weight Lifting Adjustable Dumbbells, 16 kg.

It is highly recommended that you hire a professional trainer or spotter for yourself who can help you learn the proper way to lift weights, so that you do not injure yourself in the course of your strength training program. Once you get the hang of it, you will find it relatively easy to do common weight training exercises such as the one-arm dumbbell row and the chest press with these dumbbells.

Common Exercises You Can Do with These Dumbbells

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and perform the bicep curl to target your biceps. Regular bicep curls can help you develop your biceps and look buff in a sleeveless T-shirt. For developing your triceps and upper back, you should do shoulder presses with these dumbbells. However, be careful if you have a lower back or elbow problem.

Try doing the dumbbell chest press for a great workout for your chest muscles, shoulders, and triceps. You can do a vertical or a horizontal chest press depending on your convenience. Just remember not to contort your body in the effort to lift these weights. Again, do not overstrain yourself if you have pain in your shoulders, elbow or lower back.

As mentioned, safety is of utmost importance while working out with dumbbells. Be careful at the time of lifting dumbbells from the rack and always bend your legs while picking them up from the floor. Also, never drop dumbbells carelessly on the floor after completing a set. Furthermore, do not forget to take rest between sets during your weightlifting or strength training routine.

Product Features

Brand: Bhaseen

Manufacturer: Bhaseen

Manufacturer Part Number: Bhaseen-Baspo-005

Product Weight: 19.5 kg

Color: Black

Unit: 2 pairs of dumbbells and dumbbell rods

Dumbbell Shape: Round

Weight Lifting Adjustable Dumbbells 16kg, 8 x 2 kgs

Ideal for muscle strengthening

2 x Dumbbell Rods with Bolt

Item ready to be shipped

Estimated delivery time: 5-7 working days

Installation not included

About the Brand

The name of Bhaseen is a well recognized one in the field of fitness and sports equipment. This brand is well known for its superior quality products that have made many customers happy over the years. The company started out in the field of manufacture and supply of sports equipment in the year 1948 and then slowly ventured into the field of manufacturing and exporting fitness and gym equipments.

Bhaseen's high quality products that can be customized to suit individual needs have earned it the loyalty of thousands of customers across the world. Shop Bhaseen's Weight Lifting Adjustable Dumbbells 16 kg, 8 x 2kgs plus 2 Dumbbells Rods online and you will get timely delivery of the same at your doorstep. You can also avail the cash on delivery option if you choose to buy Bhaseen's Weight Lifting Adjustable Dumbbells 16kg , 8 x 2 kgs plus 2 Dumbbells Rods online now.

Product Features

  • Weight lifting rods
  • Product delivered will be according to specifications mentioned above
Product Details
Manufacturer Bhaseen
Manufacturer Part Number Bhaseen-Baspo-005
Brand Bhaseen
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 19.5 kg

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