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Bic 4-8in Speaker Large Speaker
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Bic 4-8in Speaker Large Speaker

Model Year 2010
Display Size 669.3 inches
Wattage 250 Watts
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Product Description

For everyone who is defined by music fun and party DV84 2 way tower speaker is here for you. Intense black colour and contemporized design makes it a perfect gadget for all cool dudes and dolls. You can shop online DV84 2-Way black Tower Speaker by BIC America Venturi and listen to fine quality music.

Product description

The DV84 2-Way black Tower Speaker are graceful performer for both music and videos. You can fit these speakers in your home theatre system for enhanced performance. This speaker works both for stereo and surrounds sound application. Extra bass extension is ensured by its Dual 8 inch poly woofers and extra low bass extension is provided by dual passive radiators.

These towers are equipped with MDRF cabinets. They are also equipped with gold plated terminals. This product weighs 45lbs each with dimensions of   43.50" x 10.00" x 11.75" and thus will easily fit into your music room or drawing room or any other convenient place. The compact design of the speakers ensures that they do not take away a lot of place and do not look too big and out of place. The black colour gives it a mature look and thus also enhances the aestheticism of your décor. This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty thus ensuring protection in case of damage. It requires 250 watt power consumption. It has an impedance capacity of 8 ohms thus ensuring no voltage drop and frequency response of 27-23,000 Hz promises reproduce the input signal with no distortion, and sensitivity of 90 db.

Key features

Single 2 way tower speakers for surround or stereo sound application

8 inch dual poly woofers and dual passive radiators to ensure extra bass extension

27Hz to 22k Hz frequency response, 0.75 inch dome tweeter.

The speakers are magnetically shielded to prevent video interference.

Intense black finish and contemporary design

Care and maintenance

Since the speakers are an indispensible part of your music system, it is of utmost importance that you take care of them properly. Here's an easy maintenance guide for your speakers. You should try placing you speakers at a place where dust does not get inside the net of the speakers. Accumulation of dust affects the performance of your speaker. You should vacuum clean the speaker or use a blower to blow away the dust. Usage of compressed air is preferable. Do not use any liquid cleaners to clean your speaker as they might damage the amplifiers. Do not keep your speakers on metals conducive to magnetise. It is preferable that you use wooden base for them. Keep your speakers away from any magnetic source, other it stands a chance to damage the inbuilt electromagnet. Keep your speakers away from heat source and direct sunlight. Do not block the vent holes of your speaker. Check the proper plugging before using your speakers. Plugging your speakers in wrong jack can blow them up. Provide adequate ventilation to keep the speakers cool and increase your life span. Keep them near fan or coolers. Read the speaker manual properly before using them. Try to keep uninterrupted power supply and voltage for proper working of the speakers.

About the Brand

BIC is an American company specialising in British products. In 1973, the company introduced its own brand of loudspeakers. It was after 1998 that the company has emerged as the first choice for best performing audio gadgets at affordable prices. In comparison to the all the other top 10 best selling loud speaker brands, BIC were top-rated 4 times in 1999 alone. All BIC products are designed and engineered in America with production in both US and abroad. The qualities of the products are carefully controlled and thus some of the longest warranties are offered in the industry. The BIC America management team strives to keep up the tradition of high quality products at bargain price. Their new slogan, CERTIFIED BEST VALUE PERFORMANCE! Sums up the best what a customer can expect from BIC America.

So you can now buy online DV84 2-Way black Tower Speaker by BIC America Venturi and experience the best of music right at your home. Perfect as a congratulatory gift or a prized possession, bring home this set of tower speakers and enhance the effect of music on your life. 

Product Details
Brand BIC
Model Number DV-84
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Model Year 2010
Display Size 669.3 inches
Wattage 250 Watts
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 21.3 kg
Product Dimensions 121.9 cm x 40.6 cm x 36.2 cm

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