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Bio-Oil Body (60ml)

Bio-Oil Body (60ml)

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Target Gender Unisex
Product Weight 60 grams
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Overview: Bio-oil Body

With everyday stress and age, our skin loses its healthy glow and starts to show the seven signs of ageing. Not just that, post pregnancy the skin can show signs of stretch marks which tends to look unflattering. Therefore, if you want to have soft, glowing and healthy skin and want to relax after a hard day, you must opt for the essential Bio-Oil Body. This essential oil from popular brand Bio is extremely relaxing and nourishes the skin and mind in a perfect manner. Made from premium quality natural ingredients, this body oil is a great way to have nourished skin and a relaxed mind. Here is a look at the benefits of this Bio-Oil before you opt for it.

What is Bio-Oil?

Bio oil is a specialist skincare product that ensures to make your skin healthy and glowing. The main ingredient of this product is PurCellin oil and it works effectively for all skin types and covers all skin concerns, like aging and dehydrated skin. Some of the natural ingredients in bio oil are calendula oil, rosemary oil, vitamin A, vitamin E, chamomile oil and lavender oil. These ingredients are extremely beneficial for several skin conditions. The specialty of Bio-Oil is that it contains no preservatives and is perfectly suitable for all skin types. This award-winning skincare product is also clinically proven and diminishes the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks, scars as well as uneven skin tone. The breakthrough ingredient of Bio-oil is PurCellin Oil, which is a recreation of the ducks preen gland oil. During the preening time, the duck secretes oil from the preen gland. The preen oil creates a special thin and non-greasy layer on the surface of their feathers. Without it the water would not slide off and the duck would struggle to swim. This special ingredient also acts as a vital part for Bio-Oil's along with other ingredients and that improves the spread ability and specifically allows for the required absorption into the skin. Also, this oil contains no oxygen and it provides an excellent storage environment for all the vitamins. Not just this but the special mix of essential plant oils and vitamins that has been clinically proven to be extremely beneficial to the skin. Bio-Oil has won the 126 skincare awards and it is also one of the top most scar and stretch mark products. The Bio-oil comes in a small, light in weight and portable 60ml bottle. The air-tight lid eliminates the chance of spillage and you can carry it with you while on the go.

Benefits of Using Bio-Oil

This Bio-oil comes with a number of benefits and this specialized skin-care product ensures to make your skin look toned and healthy. This oil effectively works on stretch marks, scars and uneven skin tone. This essential oil is also recommended for typically ageing as well as dehydrated skin. The best part about using Bio-Oil is that it helps to improve the appearance of an array of scars and is also highly effective and helps to maintain the elasticity of scar tissues on the joints and all other high-mobility areas. This oil is also ideal for pregnant women, especially during the second and third trimesters and it helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, along with pregnancy stretch marks. The Bio oil is also extremely effective in removing the appearance of various types of scars such as c section scars, acne scars, sunburns and chicken pox scars. Bio-Oil is also non-comedogenic therefore; it means that it does not cause acne or any kind of spots. Bio-Oil also helps to keep the skin hydrated and has several anti-ageing properties as well. It is extremely suitable for oily skin type and gets rapidly absorbed into the skin without leaving any kind of residue, so it does not cause breakouts. Suitable for dry skin, the bio-oil helps to lock in the moisture and this aspect reduces the chance at which water vapour is lost naturally through the skin's surface. This helps and improves the appearance of unflattering and uneven skin tone that is caused by excessive exposure to the sun, skin-lighteners or hormonal fluctuations. Wrinkled and sagging skin that comes with aging also benefits from Bio-Oil. Wrinkled and sagging skin is caused when collagen and elastin weakens in the dermis and Bio-Oil helps to smooth and soften the skin and make it supple. Bio-Oil also helps to moisturise the skin, therefore, an additional moisturiser is unnecessary. Bio-Oil is also safe to use throughout pregnancy.

How to use Bio-Oil?

It is extremely simple and easy to use the Bio-oil. You can apply it naturally or add a little tiny bit to your foundation and mix it with your hand for a more flawless and natural look. This oil blends naturally into the skin giving it a soft and mositerised look. You can spike your bath and few drops to the water to get conditioned skin. If you have scratchy scalp, then you can add it to your shampoo or conditioner to reduce flaking and itching. You can also apply the Bio-Oil to the nail beds for a strong and healthy nails.

Key features at a glance

Clinically proven natural formula that reduceed appearance of stretch marks and scars

Moisturising vitamins and oils

Hypo-allergenic and non-acnegenic ingredients

PurCellin Oil

Easy to apply

Portable bottle

Features: Bio-oil Body

Product Details
Manufacturer Bio-Oil
Brand Bio
Model Number 00100
Target Gender Unisex
Theme designated-beauty
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 60 grams
Product Dimensions 10.7 cm x 4.6 cm x 4.6 cm

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