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Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Face Pack

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Face Pack

Target Gender Female
Product Weight 85 grams
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Overview: Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Face Pack

Tired of all the useless and expensive face packs which claim a lot but deliver nothing? Use the Biotique Bio Fruit Flawless Whitening Face Pack. The Bio Fruit is free from the chemicals which cause harmful reactions on your skin and is made from natural fruit extracts which deliver amazing skin results at a much more reasonable price. Hurry and get yourself the perfect companion for your skin and be stunned with the results. The Bio Fruit Face Pack comes in a green bottle which allows you to take the perfect amount required to nurture your skin.

The Bio Fruit Whitening Face Pack is made from the juices of many fruits such as the pineapple, tomato, lemon and papaya. All of these fruits have a different effect on the skin which in turn is responsible for better looks. The vitamin C available from pineapple is very effective n treating acne. Using extracts from pineapple can be beneficial in getting rid of acne and acne marks from your skin which in turn makes it look balanced and spotless. Pineapple nutrients can also be a good source of anti oxidants which make the skin look and feel healthy. You must be wondering how tomato is beneficial for treating the skin. Well, tomato use can increase the lycopene content in the skin and your skin will turn soft naturally. Skin which has higher content of lycopene is not affected by the sun's harmful rays. Tomato helps the skin to get more oxygen thus delaying ageing and wrinkling. Lycopene also helps to protect against skin cancer.

Lemon extracts help to clear the skin and also brighten it. The anti-bacterial properties of lemons help it fight acne and black heads. The vitamin C present in lemons is a great agent which helps the skin to become more light and bright. It also fights of excessive oil from your face. Papaya is a very good source of vitamin A and Papain which help to remove the dead skin layer. Papaya also helps your skin to stay hydrated. Use of papaya on the face can effectively reduce pimples. Papaya helps the skin to smoothen thus makes it soft as a baby's. The extracts from papaya can be used to reduce skin discoloration and also help the skin to shine. It can also be used as a natural skin exfoliator.

As can be seen from the content of the Bio Fruit Whitening Face Pack, the natural agents are clearly your answer for the white and perfect skin that you desire. Nature has given us enough agents to natural beautify the skin. Use the natural agents to the fullest with the Bio Fruit Face Pack. Now, go out with the perfect skin, free of dark spots and wrinkles. The Bio Fruit Face Pack by Biotique comes in a 85 grams bottle which is available at at a very reasonable price.

Features: Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Face Pack

  • 85g
Product Details
Manufacturer Biotique
Brand Biotique
Colour Name Bio fruit
Target Gender Female
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 85 grams

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  1.  Quick Face Pack 2 November, 2013 On
    I have been using this product since 8 Months. Its a quick facial kit for women and even men can use it. Its a face pack in the form of paste. Just apply and leave for 20 minutes. After applying it gives some burning effect on the skin as it contains citrus fruits but there is no harm in it. Then finally rinse with cold water use moisturizer after wash.
    > Worth buying
    >Saves Time
    >Easy to apply
    >This pack can be used 10-15 times
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