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Black Laptop Backpack

Black Laptop Backpack

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Product Description

Get hold of one of the funkiest backpacks available in the market. The world-known brand, Puma, brings to your fingertips this amazing multi-utility backpack that will sweep you off your feet with its quality and its several utility compartments. This Puma backpack is the one backpack you have always been craving for! Now, you get the opportunity to buy it online. Make this backpack your companion wherever you go. It is going to serve you for a long time and you surely would be satisfied while using this backpack.

Key Highlights

Puma backpack

Nylon and polyester backpack

Waterproof bag with laptop compartment

Material and Design

The material or the fabric used in the manufacturing of this backpack is nylon and polyester. These handy materials will keep your backpack cent percent waterproof every time it is drenched. At some places, some other materials have been used, so that you get the maximum utility out of it. The zips of this backpack also have been made with a durable material that will keep your things in the backpack safe. The design of the Puma backpack is also very enticing.

The black colour of the backpack makes it a cynosure of all eyes. You will also find the brand logo of Puma at the front of this backpack which is printed in white colour. The intricate design and the firm stitches are the unique selling proposition of this product. The shoulder straps have beautiful flat tally-shaped designs which is going to help you carry the backpack effortlessly, if the backpack is heavy. The straps are padded with thick foam and are also covered in anti-sweat breathable fabric. These shoulder straps are adjustable and therefore you can fix it according to your comfort. This unique feature of this anti-sweat breathable fabric will allow some air to pass through, as it will allow the fabric to 'breathe' so that the vapour can escape. Both the interior and exterior are waterproof and therefore even if the bag is drenched, it will protect the things inside your backpack from getting wet.

Compartments and Usage

There are several compartments that will be of optimum usage to its user. At the front, there is one small compartment that can be accessed instantly. This compartment runs horizontally, is small in size and thus has limited space inside. You can keep things which are accessed frequently during your journeys or even while you are travelling on your daily work. An earphone lobe is present which enables you to tie your earphone to the lobe so that you can easily access it without the earphone getting entangled. A major compartment is present in which you can keep things and accessories that are delicate and big in size. There is the laptop compartment in this bag which is the main feature of this product. Although the bag looks big in size, once you start filling it with things, the bag will get compressed, allowing more things to fit inside the bag. One short haul loop has been added so that you can carry it in your hand, if you are not willing to put it over your shoulder. There are separate places to keep you water bottles on both the sides which are elastic in nature and is made of mesh material.

Maintenance and Warranty

It should not be exposed to excessive heat as the nylon fabric is prone to get affected when exposed to excessive heat. When the backpack is heavy and full of materials, make sure you close the zips gently as the inner material naturally tend to come out when the backpack is excessively heavy. Although the stitches are strong and perfect, do not exert the whole pressure to only one shoulder strap when the backpack is heavy. Do not keep any sharp material inside the bag. It can prove to be dangerous while you are travelling.

Meant for all groups of people, this unisex backpack is the one-stop search for that perfect backpack. Gift this to your son or daughter and enjoy the elevated joy on their faces. Shop black laptop bag online and have it delivered at your doorstep in a matter of days. Buy Puma backpack online and have a great time shopping online.

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