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Black Rambo First Blood Survival Knife

Black Rambo First Blood Survival Knife

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Overview: Black Rambo First Blood Survival Knife

Recreate the scene of your favorite movie with the Black Rambo First Blood Survival Knife.This knife features 8 inch 420 black stainless Sawback blade with a mirror polish.It has a razor sharp cutting edge and a nylon grip handle and includes a black leather belt sheath.The knife measures 13 œ Overall.The knife's handle has an aluminum, magnetic screw on the pommel that acts as the lid of the handle.The inside of the pommel houses a precision compass and the outside has a pointed metal glass breaker.The stainless steel blade has saw teeth and the handle is wrapped in black nylon cordage.The knife is painted black with an overall length of 390 mm.The length of the handle is 135 mm, the blade length is 255 mm and the blade thickness is 6 mm.The knife is robust and very sharp and the packaging is made keeping a Rambo fan in mind and provides the right amount of information and is display worthy.You can use it in your day to day life or while camping and this can also serve as a collectors item.This knife also makes for a perfect gift for the fans of Rambo as they can imitate the emasculate style of Rambo themselves.

In the movie Rambo - First Blood movie the writers and Stallone himself wanted a survival kit that would fit the part of a weapon and justify Rambo having a basic tool to survive in the mountains while being pursued by the police.Legendary knife craftsman Jimmy Lile, who was popularly known as The Arkansas Knifemaker designed a custom knife for the set.Lile is famous for designing knives for US presidents, dignitaries and many Hollywood stars.Stallone wanted a working knife and not a dummy.The knife Jimmy Lile designed was fully functional with a hollow handle and had a compass on the butt of the knife.The hollow handle of the knife made it possible to carry survival essentials like matches, fishing line etc.Serrated teeth were added to the top of the blade to give the knife a lethal look.It also allowed it to serve as a wire cutter, a wood saw and made it possible to fit on the end of a pole and be used as a spear.This knife was made of ultra tough high carbon steel and was extremely durable.The Rambo survival knife is the main weapon of John Rambo and he uses it frequently throughout the movie.This specially made knife with unique blades puts his enemies in surprise.Like his bow this knife has also become the trademark of Rambo.

Black Rambo First Blood Survival Knife has been prepared by the experts , under impeccable professional working conditions.It has been tested to work flawlessly under all extreme conditions to provide you the most wholesome user experience.This is a very popular knife among Rambo fans and has a very large demand so order before the stocks run out and flaunt your Rambo knife and imitate the scenes from your favorite movie. Black Rambo First Blood Survival Knife is exclusively available at a very reasonable price.


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