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Black Running Sports Shoes by Vector X

Black Running Sports Shoes by Vector X

Brand Vector X
Colour Black
Material Mesh
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Overview: Vector X Black Shoes

Black Running Sports Shoes by Vector X

Vector X presents a very stylish and comfortable running shoes in black colour to provide a special care for your foots while running.


The design of these shoes is specially designed by specialist designer in foot wears, there for these are the perfect designed shoes for your feet to support you while walking. In these shoes there is rounded toe which gives a sufficient space to the foot fingers to feel comfort inside shoes also. And it has central quick lace ups and low top styling by which any one can lock there lace as they want. Central lace-ups give a very attractive look to the shoes and can change height length and proportion along with their foot's natural movement. It has got abrasion resistance upper layer with overlays and stitched detail. And the synthetic material used to make the surface of these shoes is breathable and friction free which will help in maintaining sweat free foots even after wearing it for long times. And the breathing property of this material also protect foots from any kind of infection or etching.

And the heel collar is with a pull loop detail which provides a soothing feeling to the feet while wearing and material used is very soft. And the tongue and inner part is padded with branding. Also have cushioned foot bed for optimum fit and comfort to the feet with branding at the heel. Expansion pods are located on the foot bad in inner side so that it secures the feet without in habiting the feet natural movement. The lower sole is made of rubber like elastic material with geometric pattern and tactile texture which helps you while running a lot, the more force you applied the more spring it returns.

Material used

Material used for making the overall shoes have strong stability and durability and helps in maintain shoes as new always. And the material for foot bed is very soft and soothing. And lace are made of little bit of spongy material which will help to lock up your feet according to your feet posture with softness and caring feeling. The weight of these shoes is very light so that you cannot feel any heaviness on your foot and concentrate only on running enjoying your walk.


Colour of these shoes are black and white. And black and white colours are the basic colour colours which can be match able with any colour of track suit. Also they can be wear by any age group, a grandfather, a son or father as black and white shoots on every age group. The way these two colours are combined to give a unique and attractive look. Lower part of front toe is of white colour while upper toe is of contrasting black colour. In sides of shoes a design is given by black colour with stitching pattern. At collar of the heels at the back side yellow colour strip is given to balance the overall look of the shoes. And central quick lace ups is of white colour.


These shoes have various utility. They can be wear by a athletic runner who has dream of making his own identity by winning all the races in common wealth games or any other games. They can be wear for morning or evening jog those who love to stay fit and fresh every evening or morning. Or they are the perfect pair of shoes whose loves playing sport a lot but also conscious about their feet to look beautiful and soft.


Wash these shoes with any good detergent mixture with water and dry in under sun rays properly whenever required. The material used have greater stability will not destroy after many washes and looks as like new after every wash.

Style : -team up these shoes with your stylish and comfortable track suit and give a dashing sporty look to yourself. Anyone can feel very confident along with these shoes and a person wearing confidence always have power to dazzle every eye walk around. brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Details
Manufacturer Vector X
Brand Vector X
Colour Black
Material Mesh

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