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Black Slim Fit Formal Shirt
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Black Slim Fit Formal Shirt

Brand Excalibur
Material Cotton
Colour Black
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Overview: Black Slim Fit Formal Shirt

Your outfit has the ability to speak a lot about the kind of person you are. It in fact has the ability to make or break your day. In today's highly competitive corporate world you need to be continuously on your toes to make the world bow down at your feet.

The new Black Slim Fit Formal Shirt from Excalibur is meant to add a new flavour to your stylish appearance. While it can be ideal for those that are looking to make their corporate life even more stylish, it can also be ideal for people appearing for their first corporate interview. Even if you are on a meeting with your client, Black Slim Fit Formal Shirt can add just a another dimension to your appearance.

This multi-purpose Black Slim Fit Formal Shirt can also be used in many other occasions like, office parties or during various festivities.

The colour black signifies a lot for men. It is the colour of sophistication. It also denotes how powerful you are. It looks quite flattering on most men and it doesn't require a fashion guru to tell one about the particular ways to wear it. And the additional factor of its being full-sleeve makes it look even better on people going on office meetings. It looks particularly impressive on men with lighter complexion, helping to bring out the real glow of their skin.

The white stripes that accompany the black colour along the line of the buttons, make it look even more beautiful when worn. There are four stripes along the button line on each side, running from the button on to the collar. As we are all aware, the colour white combines exceptionally well with black, bringing the best out of both the colours. The buttons accompanying the shirt are also black in colour.

What adds to the Black Slim Fit Formal Shirt's advantage is the fabric which has been fashioned with Chief Value Cotton (CVC), tailor-made to provide you with all day comfort. Another additional feature of this shirt, is its slim fit nature, making it ideal for party wear and for those, who are proud of their body shape. As we all know, the slim fit fashion has become a great thing in the fashion world. It's bound to be the next big thing and you won't want to lose the opportunity of being the next fashion icon.

Club the new Black Slim Fit Formal Shirt with low rise trousers, preferably ash, leather black or brown belt and formal shoes. You do have the option of folding the sleeves for casual party use or have it full sleeves for office use.

As far as the brand is concerned, Excalibur is a product of the well-known Indian brand Arvind Mills or Arvind Limited. The company is also known for brands like Flying Machine and Newport along with licensed international brands like Arrow, Wrangler and Tommy Hilfiger.

So, stop waiting and get going. Shop Black Slim Fit Formal Shirt online now and get it delivered at your door-step just before your next important office meeting. Your next style statement can now be just a click away. So, without any further delay, buy Black Slim Fit Formal Shirt online today.

Product Features

Some of the basic features of the new Black Slim Fit Formal Shirt are:

Black coloured T-Shirt from Excalibur.

White stripes on both sides along the buttons.


Slim Fit Formal Shirts

Key Highlights

Fabric: Cotton

Size: 39

Colour: Black

Neck: Collar

Product Care

Dry wash should preferably be used every time you wash the new Black Slim Fit Formal Shirt in order to maintain its quality.

Product Details
Brand Excalibur
Material Cotton
Colour Black

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