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RIM (OEM) BlackBerry® Charging Pod for BlackBerry Bold 9650, BlackBerry Tour 9630

RIM (OEM) BlackBerry® Charging Pod for BlackBerry Bold 9650, BlackBerry Tour 9630

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Overview: RIM Mobile Phone

In the 21st century one of the biggest names in the telecommunication arena is undoubtedly BlackBerry. This sensational brand has come up with electrifying mobile handsets, over the years, which has made the world a smaller place to live in. Few of the mobile handsets BlackBerry has launched in the past few years are BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Tour 9630. These handsets have various features and specifications that make them utility products. Other than making calls and texting, these handsets offer attractive applications and games and the user would like to spend the entire day using them for entertainment. This leads to using up of the mobile charge which is undesirable, both at home and outdoors. In order to live up to the need of the hour, from the house of BlackBerry comes this Charging Pod which allows you to use these handsets for hours.

Specifications and Features

This Charging Pod from the house of BlackBerry is a gem of a mobile accessory which is a must buy for every BlackBerry user. The BlackBerry Charging Pod comes in a shining chrome finished body and is shaped like an inverted socket. It is made of high quality material and reduces chances of corrosion to a great extent. The durability of the product helps the user use it for a long period of time. It is insulated and reduces all distant chances of short circuit. The advanced circuit system in built in this Charging Pod helps in charging the mobile handset quickly and in a safe manner. It allows perfect the amount of charge to pass and does not allow the handset to get heated up.


This BlackBerry Charging Pod is a portable device and is not electrical. One needs to charge this Charging Pod prior to usage, for a few hours. Once one goes out of doors, for back up charging supply this Charging Pod can be carried along in cars, while one is traveling. This is indeed the best accessory one can find today for charging a BlackBerry handset and as it has reached the height of popularity, one can now easily buy BlackBerry Charging Pod online and get it delivered at the doorstep within a few working days.

Warranty, Longevity and Maintenance

You do not need to be tense about maintaining it. You just need to see that it doesnt get tampered or damaged by careless handling. If this much is done, the BlackBerry Charging Pod will serve you for a pretty long time. Along with this the product comes with a warranty from the house of the manufacturer. The warranty period gets activated from the day of purchase. If any report is lodged against the malfunction of a particular model of this product, it will get replaced by a new one with immediate effect, provided the complaint lodged is valid.

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