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Blacksmith Urban Young Highway Wall Clock (12 inches X 12 inches)

Blacksmith Urban Young Highway Wall Clock (12 inches X 12 inches)

Brand Blacksmith
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Product Description

"Time and tide wait for no one" says the wise old man. Keep an accurate monitoring of time around you and never be late for any appointment or schedule in your life. Pick up the graceful Blacksmith Urban Young Highway Wall Clock and make sure you keep up all your meeting, date or to-dos in close control. Time is in constant motion and you need to be on your toes to ensure every activity begins and ends on time. This way you will never be late, impress your colleagues and achieve greater success in your leisure, professional or personal life.

Features that justifies its use

The wall clock is reminiscent of life in the fast lane with the image of highway next to a river. The image on the face of the clock invokes myriad range of emotions - from nostalgia to hope. The dark background also serves a dual purpose. In addition to giving an impression that time keeps on moving, it also gives an aesthetic appeal to an otherwise bare portion of the wall in your home or office. Put up the clock in the centre of your living room and see how guests and onlookers are awed by its presence. No need to have separate pieces of artefact put up to decorate your house and then another one to show the time of the day. The Urban Young Highway Wall Clock is well equipped to carry out both the functions admirably, thus saving you quite a bit on space as well as on money.

The midnight blue background of the clock also helps one to make out the time in the night time. It contrasts beautifully with the hands on the face of the clock and thus lends easy visibility at any time of the day or night. In addition to its obvious purpose of showing the correct time it helps in improving the brightness and style of the room, it also serves the purpose of enhancing the décor of the room in which it is put up.

Build quality

The wall clock is crafted from exquisite wood material. This helps increase the life of the clock by quite a bit. The wood material on the clock also needs simple cleaning methods which save time and effort every time you wipe it clean with a piece of dry cloth. Regular cleaning will also help prevent expensive maintenance later on and is highly recommended. The clock runs on AA battery and provides exceptionally silent operation unlike the noisy chimes of vintage grandfather clocks. Measuring just 12 X 12 inches, the wall clock can be easily put up in any part of the wall without taking up lots of space.

Shop online for a great quality product, one of the premier online shopping destination of India, gives its users the happy opportunity to opt for this stunning clock. It is effectively a duo of wall clock and artwork that will grace your walls beautifully and show the precise time, at all times.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number UY 248
Brand Blacksmith

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