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Blue Velvet Blu-ray

Blue Velvet Blu-ray

Language French, Spanish
Format Blu-ray
Blu-ray Regions Region A
Actor(s) Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern
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Overview: Blue Velvet Blu-ray

David Lynch directed the movie Blue Velvet. It features actors like Kyle MacLachlan and Isabella Rossellini. Warning: This movie has been given restricted and has explicit content that is appropriate only for adults. The director Mr. David Lynch provides a deep and detailed picture of life in small-town in the USA to showcase the cruelty, insanity and malice that takes behind the closed doors. He has showcased the grotesque lives of middle class families behind those picturesque houses and lanes which trees that seem right out of a beautiful dream that soon turn into the most horrible night mare.

The uncanny and unnatural death of Kyle MacLachlan�s father makes him return back to his town from his college. Still ditured by the weird sudden death of his father, he happens to come across a human ear lying in an empty lot. A young high school girl extends some help to him for unraveling this mystery. They both start investigating the evidences that lead them to the something unimaginably scary. What they discover is dark and terrifying world of sex and ghoulishness. They soon drawn too much into the dark world of drug dealing and blackmailed by a guy called Dennis. Both the teenagers lose their innocence when they see this horrible world exists right around them. Isabella Rossellini plays the role of a sexual slave of Frank who ends up having an affair with MacLachlan.

To know what happens further in the plot bring home the blur-ray DVD of this eccentric movie and discover the weird world you thought never existed. Blue Velvet is very crazy yet disturbing film that attempts to unfold the deep and dark sexual brutality. Not everyone can watch this movie but the ones who can bear it; this one is surely going to be a masterpiece of cinema. David Lynch has created this extraordinary movie that will definitely blow your mind.

Features: Blue Velvet Blu-ray

Product Details
Language French, Spanish
Publication Date January 7, 2014
Theatrical Release Date November 8, 2011
Format Blu-ray
Blu-ray Regions Region A
Actor(s) Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern
Director(s) David Lynch
No of Discs 1
Runtime 120 minutes
Studio MGM (Video & DVD)
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 167.8 grams
Product Dimensions 17.1 cm x 13.5 cm x 0.9 cm
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