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Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Stand Leather Case for New Apple iPad Mini / Apple iPad Mini 2 Tablet 4G LTE (White/ Red)

Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Stand Leather Case for New Apple iPad Mini / Apple iPad Mini 2 Tablet 4G LTE (White/ Red)

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Product Description

Owners of Apple products have the right to be prejudiced about their valuable devices, because Apple devices are not like just any other devices. The iPad is not an exception either. So, if you own an iPad, you should take adequate care of it. One of the best ways is to have the right kind of case for it. Have you been looking for a case that matches the standard of iPad? Do you think mobile device covers should be multipurpose in nature too? If your answer to the above questions is 'yes' then you should buy Crazy on Digital iPad Mini 2 Keyboard Stand Case online today. It is a sturdy leather case with firm stand, snap closure and a detachable keyboard. Since it is available online, you can save your valuable time by placing the order for the case via your handset or PC.

Features and Design of the Crazy on Digital iPad Mini 2 Keyboard Stand Leather Case

iPad owners deserve a cover for the device that is as high in standard as their tablet computers are. If you are an iPad user, this case with stand and detachable keyboard is the perfect choice for you. This iPad Mini 2 case is made of high quality leather material. It is white in colour and has red accents. The external surface of the Crazy on Digital leather case has pebble grain texture. The keyboard stand case not only enhances your grip on the device but also adds to the aesthetics of the cover. Therefore, this iPad Mini 2 cover by Crazy on Digital will satisfy your style sense.

However, aesthetics and style factors are not the only notable aspects of the Crazy on Digital iPad Mini 2 leather case. The case also has ergonomic design and is multipurpose in nature. It has a semi rigid removable keyboard that allows you to type on your iPad Mini 2 through physical keys instead of using the touchscreen of the tablet computer. You can easily connect the detachable keyboard to your iPad Mini 2 via Bluetooth. Crazy on Digital red and white iPad case has a strong stand, which prevents your iPad Mini 2 from falling. There are many brands of iPad covers, but few have sturdy stand and even fewer have detachable keyboard. Another notable feature of the Crazy on Digital iPad Mini 2 leather case is the lack of magnetic closure. Magnets can damage the hard disk of computing devices. That is why this case has snap on closure, which does not interfere with the functions of the iPad Mini 2 in any way.

How to Connect the Keyboard to the iPad Mini 2

Turn on the Bluetooth of your iPad Mini 2.

Switch on the keyboard. The small switch on the right side of the Crazy on Digital keyboard is the Power switch. When you switch on the keyboard, a blue light gets illuminated.

There is a button just next to the blue light. It is the Connect button. Press the button in order to switch on the Bluetooth of the keyboard. You can understand that the keyboard is creating the Bluetooth field if the blue light blinks.

When the blue light stops to blink, you should search for the Bluetooth devices via your iPad Mini 2. You will see the keyboard showing on the list. Select the keyboard option.

iPad will provide a code to you. Type the code on the keyboard using the number keys and press the Enter key.

Once both the devices are connected, you can start using the iPad Mini 2 with the keyboard.

Benefits of the Crazy on Digital iPad Mini 2 Case

There is certain work that you cannot do best on touchscreen. There are many people who use external keyboards and mouse with their mobile device for greater efficiency. The biggest advantage of the Crazy on Digital iPad Mini 2 case is that you get adequate protection for your precious device as well as have an external keyboard at your disposal by default. So, shop online for Crazy on Digital iPad Mini 2 leather case and flaunt your multipurpose accessory.

Maintenance and Care Tips for the Crazy on Digital iPad Mini 2 Leather Case

The Crazy on Digital iPad Mini 2 case is a sturdy multipurpose cover that does not need special care and treatment. Just get on your device and take advantage of the stand and the keyboard that the case has. If the case gets dirty, you clean with a cloth moistened with a cleaning solution that is safe for leather material.

Key Highlights

Detachable keyboard

Bluetooth connectivity

iPad stand

Red and white in colour

Product Details
Manufacturer CrazyOnDigital
Manufacturer Part Number iPad_Mini_KBBT_WhtRed_q
Brand Crazy on Digital
Model Number iPad Mini 2
Colour Name White

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  1.  Superb Product 10 April, 2015 On
    Its an awsome product. I was looking for something like this for a long time but could not find one. But now i am a happy owner of this case. Even the quality is great.
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