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Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

Brand Bodum Brazil
Model Number 1548-01USW
Colour Black
Material Borosilicate glass
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Overview: Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee has become one of the most important hot beverages in today's time. Whether it is an evening family-get-together or late-night study before examination or when at work, coffee lovers need a cup of it every time to get their system going. The 'Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker' is a large and efficient coffee maker that you can use to prepare eight cups of coffee at a time. This is a useful household item for anyone who loves coffee.

Physical Specifications

The coffee maker has a long and strong body. The body is made up of durable heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The glass allows you to keep an eye on the colour of the coffee while making it, and its strength prevent it from any damages. Since the body is heat-resistant, it is also safe if there were children around. The carafe is supported by a black BPA-free base that keeps it stable. The coffee maker also has a handle and lid made up of black BPA-free plastic. The handle extends from top to bottom giving the users enough space to hold the coffee maker and support it. There is a ball on top of the lid that helps the users to open the lid with ease. Every part of the coffee maker is dishwasher safe, so there are no issues regarding its cleaning purposes.

Aromatic Coffee

The coffee maker is known for brewing hot coffee with a strong aroma. The aroma is extracted by the 3-part stainless steel mesh filter. After adding both hot water and coffee beans or powder, the filter layers press the coffee bean and extract perfect amount of essential oils and acids to produce the strong aroma of coffee and its subtle flavour. This is the advantage of having three filters, it extracts as many aroma and flavour that it can from the coffee beans, so that you get to taste the best flavoured coffee.

Serve For As Many Guest As You Want

With its easy process to make coffee and large capacity, you can easily serve coffee for as many guest as you want without spending much time. You just have to open the lid, add coffee powder, and then add hot water or milk. Mix it properly, and the coffee it ready to serve. You can easily serve eight people or more with one full 'Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker'. If you are a student, and have examinations coming up, then you can keep it prepared and have it in order to keep you awake if you are planning for late night study. This is an easy-to-use appliance that is worth owning. So, what are you waiting for? Order online for this coffee maker as soon as possible and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Features: Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

  • 3 Part stainless steel filter Heat-resistant borosilicate glass beaker Outfitted with stainless steel plunger and smooth matte black domed lid Safety and aroma seal helps retain heat
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Package dimensions Length x Breadth x Height 24.38 x 14.99 x 18.29 cm
Product Details
Manufacturer Bodum Brazil
Brand Bodum Brazil
Model Number 1548-01USW
Colour Black
Material Borosilicate glass
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 910 grams
Product Dimensions 24.4 cm x 15 cm x 18.3 cm

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  1.  For a perfect cup of coffee 25 January, 2013 On
    I was gifted this Bodum Brazil Press by my son more than a year ago and I have been using it since then. The one I have is perfect to make coffee for two people and is working fine. Steel mesh makes cleaning easier and being a small machine much easy to handle. Another positive point is, it is not electrical, so one can have filter coffee even when there is no electricity! :)

    Sangita Passey
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