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Body Solid Vertical Knee Raise Attachment for Fusion Gyms

Body Solid Vertical Knee Raise Attachment for Fusion Gyms

Colour Multi
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Overview: Body Solid Vertical Knee Raise Attachment For Fusion Gyms

From the gymnasiums of the 50s to the ones in the new millennium, space has always been an issue. The evolution of the multi-gym has resulted in saving space and it has also seen more people choose to bring the gym home. A multi-gym allows you to work on various parts of your body by letting you perform various exercises on the same machine. At a gym, this results in more people being able to work out at the same time, thereby saving time and space. At home, it allows you to turn any extra space into a home gym. The Body Solid Vertical Knee Raise Attachment for Fusion Gyms from Body Solid is an attachment for a multi-gym machine which will allow you to perform more exercises on the same machine. So what are you waiting for? Shop online for this versatile product today.

More Workout

The Fusion gym is a one of a kind multi-gym. It has various attachments that allow you to perform bicep, triceps, chest and shoulder workouts. It is a must-have machine, but the Fusion does not come with the vertical knee raise attachment. A vertical knee raise attachment allows you to perform even more exercises without taking up extra space on the gym floor. It can be easily installed onto the main stand of the multi-gym and you will not have to call for an expert either to get the attachment up and running. It has comfortable pads or armrests and thus while working out you will not have to look for elbow protectors.

What Can You Do With Knee Raise Attachments

With this knee raise attachment, you can perform a wide number of workouts. You can put your arms on the attachments and raise your legs to workout your abs. If you are looking for 6 pack abs, this gym accessory is a must. Another important and effective workout that can be performed with this attachment is the twisters. To perform twisters rest your arms on the attachments and with your legs lifted twist the lower body, your waist, in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. To build big horseshoe triceps, perform dips on the attachments. If you are a beginner, you can perform free hand dips and if you are a professional, you can perform weighted dips. To perform dips, grip the bars tightly and lift your body with your legs folded. This exercise puts strain on your triceps and will help them grow faster. These attachments can be utilised by women as well. They can easily perform knee raise exercises and work on their abs.


The advantages of the Body Solid Vertical Knee Raise Attachment are many. For one, it will allow more people to perform more exercises at the same time. Buying a separate machine for knee raises and dips is not convenient. Separate machines cost a fortune and occupy a lot of floor space too. These attachments help to save floor space. They are hard and tough and will last a very long time. Solid and sturdy, they cannot be easily bent or broken. So why wait? Order this knee raise attachment from Body Solid today!

Features: Body Solid Vertical Knee Raise Attachment For Fusion Gyms

  • Specially contoured, oversized back pad, arm pads and handgrips add comfort to the grueling abdominal, shoulder and triceps workouts
  • Use with EXM3000LPS Home Gym only
  • Dimensions: 1016 x 508 x 584 mm
Product Details
Manufacturer Body Solid
Manufacturer Part Number FKR
Brand Body Solid
Colour Multi
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 83.8 cm x 30.5 cm

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