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Bodygard Pepper Spray

Bodygard Pepper Spray

Target Gender Female
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Overview: Bodygard Pepper Spray

Always stay safe and stay protected with Bodygard Pepper Spray. In a country where crime is at its peak and the safety of women is always a concern, this little weapon is a must in every girl's bag.

Produced by MidasCare, this pepper spray is made of a special compound which causes a severe burning sensation when it comes in contact with eyes, severely hampering the other person's visual abilities, leaving him temporarily blind. The effect of the spray is so powerful and painful that your attacker will be knocked out for sure.

The pepper spray is lethal and has to be stored away some place safe and yet easy to access. For this purpose, the container has been made in a compact cylindrical shape and has a dome shape head which is easy to press. The tiny container can be easily stored away anywhere conveniently. The spray contains real red chili and pepper extracts which make it so effective and critically lethal. One single spray can knock out the attacker for more than half an hour. The pepper spray can has been pressurized to give you the best results. You can spray your attacker from more than 7 feet away. Which means you can save yourself from your attacker even before they're able to do something dangerous to you.

Carrying the Bodygard Pepper Spray is a necessity everywhere you go, especially places like elevators, empty office spaces, washrooms, or lonely roads. The biggest advantage of carrying a pepper spray is that you do not need to have any special skills, as you do in self defense techniques. Oleoresin capsicum, the chemical used in the spray will cause violent irritation in their eyes, allowing you to escape. It does no permanent damage, so an accidental discharge is not a matter of much concern. However, it should still be avoided as even little exposure can cause prolonged coughing and irritation in the eyes.

About the brand:

MidasCare is a well established pharmaceutical company that began its journey back in 1986. It is one of India's fastest growing pharmaceutical companies, and produces various types of healthcare, personal security and other products, many of which are manufactured for the first time in India. One such product developed by this company is the Bodyguard pepper spray. The company that produced the country's first ever pain relief spray, also launched a string of intimate care products for women and introduced the first mouth freshener in the country recently.

Do not waste any more time. Better be safe than sorry! Buy Bodyguard Pepper Spray today! The product is available exclusively at at a very reasonable price.

Product Details
Brand Bodygard
Colour Name Unisex
Target Gender Female

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  1.  best self protector 4 April, 2014 On
    Body guard pepper spray from midas care pharma is amust for every woman to protect her self.This spray is made of harmless natural pepper and chilli extracts which temporarily disables the attacker and enables the victim to escape.In my opinion indian govt should supply them to all women at subsidized price or freely.It is easy to carry and use.Thanks to midas care on behalf of women.Recently our parliament member practically proved it as a best protective for all human beings .Sure to posess one.
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