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The Bone Season

The Bone Season

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Language English
Contributor(s) Samantha Shannon
Binding Paperback
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Overview: The Bone Season

The Bone Season is a fantasy fiction novel written by Samantha Shannon and is set in the year 2059. At the centre of the story is Paige, a 19-year-old, who is gifted with the supernatural power of clairvoyance. In the land of Scion, London, people like Paige are considered as criminals and hence, she works for an underworld mastermind named Jaxon Hall, where she reads people's thoughts, scourging for important information. She is later attacked, kidnapped and imprisoned in a secret jail in Oxford - the identity of which has been unknown to the world for over 200 years. Oxford is controlled by a race from another dimension, where Paige is under the rule of a mysterious Rephaite named Warden.

It is here, that Paige learns about the darker realities of life. She makes friends but also witnesses the torture and killing of other clairvoyants like her. The ruthless behaviour of the Raphaites and their merciless acts compel Paige to realise her full potential and give direction to her powers. Will Paige find out the mystery that surrounds the prison of Oxford. What are Warden's hidden motives? Will she ever be able to make out of the entrapment alive? Order the book online today and find out for yourself.

Samantha Shannon, a young writer from West London started writing at the age of fifteen. The Bone Season is her debut novel and has already become a best-seller around the world. She was shortlisted for The Young Star Award in 2012 for her profound writing at such a tender age. The book is followed by its sequel, The Mime Order, which narrates the continuing odyssey of Paige and her friends. This paperback edition of The Bone Season has been published by Bloomsbury Publishing India Private Limited. It has an ISBN 10 number of 1408852454 and an ISBN 13 number of 9781408852453.
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date August 20, 2013
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing India Private Limited
Contributor(s) Samantha Shannon
Binding Paperback
ISBN 10 1408852454
ISBN 13 9781408852453
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