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Bonne Fete Hyacinthe

Bonne Fete Hyacinthe

Format Laser Disc
Artist(s) Thomas Fersen
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Product Description

Thomas Fersen is a French singer songwriter. Throughout his youth, he played the piano in spot theatres. He was one of the first vocalists to join the mark T�t ou tard. His work is similar to the renowned French writer/musician Jacques Pr�vert. He is new to the French music platform. He is eminent for his delicate, imposing lyrics and his different number style vocals which melds verse and cleverness. Fersen is an expert artist who consistently plays with dialect, utilizing jokes, rich rhymes, images and pictures taken from the domains of plants (vegetables and products of the soil) and creatures (winged animals and different mammoths) to tell stories or unique tales, to reproduce minutes from day by day life, impressions and suppositions, and likewise the longs for normal individuals and their failings and issues.

His profound and gravelly smoker's voice gives a specific tone to his melodies, which have a place with distinctive musical styles relying upon the collection. In the winter of 2006, he released a DVD named "Bonne f�te Hyacinthe" highlighting the live recording of his tours and footages of "Pavillon des fous". It also consists of some raw scenes from backstage and the highlights of uncommon footage of his future work that he was planning to do with his friend and guitarist Pierre Sang.

Product Details
Publication Date January 1, 2006
Format Laser Disc
Music Label Warner Music
Artist(s) Thomas Fersen
No of Discs 1
Runtime 1 minute

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