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Borges Olive Oil Classic, 5 Litres
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Borges Olive Oil Classic, 5 Litres

Brand Borges
Product Weight 4.6 grams
Cuisine Italian
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Product Description


Pure Olive Oil.


Use Borges Classic Olive Oil to dress and make vegetables, grilled foods and salads with a view to maximize taste and add bold flavour. It is light on the digestive system making it great for regular use.

Among all the available edible oils in the market, olive oil is considered as one of the most useful and healthy ones among the health conscious users. The specialty of this type of oil is that, it is the least processed. As this particular oil is enriched with the MUFA and polyphenols, it is good for your heart. Along with this, the anti bacterial feature of this olive oil keeps you healthy and free from any type of health disorders. The interesting thing about olive oil is that you can use it to cook a wide range of dishes. Be it a requirement to fry parathas or make a pizza, the user can easily use this special type of oil to get delicious and healthy food every time. The non sticky feature of the olive oil gives fresh and high quality food every time. You can use olive oil to sauté or roast different types of food easily. Enriched with an anti bacterial formula, this oil is good for skin and health.

About the Brand

This light olive oil is manufactured by Borges. Till date, this brand has manufactured a wide range of food products for their users. Their extensive product range includes oil, nuts and other types of food items. The use of pure and fresh nuts to manufacture various types of food products makes this brand popular among the residential and commercial users. Whether you are in search for a high quality oil to cook food at home or for the restaurant, then check out this high quality light olive oil to get that exclusive taste in your dish .

What is so special about this product?

This olive oil from Borges is made by using the extracts of olives. Tes use of olive extracts in this oil makes it good for your health. Enriched with the anti bacterial property, this oil improves the quality of the skin. This olive oil is safe for those users who is suffering from allergies and quite specific about selecting their cooking oil. The presence of pure olive with its special anti bacterial formula reduces the risk of allergies. The presence of phytonutrients in this oil proves to be helpful for reducing the risk of cancer, oxidative stress, heart diseases, etc. This olive oil is highly helpful to control the blood pressure.

As this olive oil features a neutral flavour, it blends with any type of vegetable and other food products. This neutral flavour of the oil helps to maintain the natural flavour of the food products. The neutral flavour of the oil makes it perfect to use for cooking different types of food items. Be it a requirement of deep frying, roasting or sautéing, this oil is perfect for different types of preparations. By using this olive oil, you can cook a wide range of Indian dishes like paratha, dosa and other dishes.

Why olive oil is different from other seed oils?

Olive oil penetrates food easily and does not increase the calories in the dish. As for seed oils, they do not penetrate the food properly and increases the calories in the food. The nutritional value of the food does not decrease even after it is cooked using this oil in high temperature. This oil does not spoil the original flavour of the food.

Benefits of olive oil

If you want to cook delicious food without compromising on health, then this olive oil is perfect for you. This oil reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, blood pressure and a wide range of major health issues. Along with his, the Borges olive oil is good for skin and hair. With regular consumption of olive oil, you can see a remarkable change in your skin, hair and health. If you want to get this high quality Borges olive oil at your doorstep, buy Borges Olive Oil Rich Flavor online.

Special Features

The Borges olive oil is light

It does not affect the flavour of the food

It is good for skin and health

This oil is enriched with anti oxidants

This oil is made from the extracts of olives

Product Features

  • Olive oil obtained from high quality olives
  • May help in lowering bad cholesterol
  • Contains anti oxidants
  • Highest source of mufa among oils
  • Source of vitamin E
Product Details
Brand Borges
Cuisine Italian
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 4.6 grams

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