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Borosil IH77TS11704 Tea Set Clear

Borosil IH77TS11704 Tea Set Clear

Lowest online price: 989
Brand Borosil
Model Number IH77TS11704
Colour Clear
Material Glass, Borosilicate, Plastic
Capacity 300 millimeters
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Overview: Borosil IH77TS11704 Tea Set Clear

Do you like to have tea early in the morning? You will enjoy having tea only when you have a proper and stylish cup. Some people are of the opinion that a nicely prepared tea can help you get rid of the drowsiness, but this will not happen if you do not have a good looking cup. A stylish cup can make you enjoy the tea time, whether you are you with your family or friends. Waking up in the early morning and seeing the cups with broken handles or faded colour spoils the mood. Therefore, having good looking cups in the kitchen cabinet is important. So, if you are in search of cup sets, then look no further as Borosil brings to you a wide array of cup sets that are high on style, quality and durability. Borosil Classic Tea Set is an excellent amalgamation of style and functionality.


This amazing product is made by using premium quality materials like borosilicate glass to make sure longevity. These mugs and carafes are designed as per the strict quality measures to ensure that the product is safe to use. This fabric is specially treated before use to make them so that they are able to resist temperatures of up to 350 degree centigrade. So, if you pour hot tea into these cups, they will not break. You can easily have hot tea in the morning or evening to get rid of the stress that you are going through. Another interesting fact about these products can be easily used in the oven or microwave to warm the tea. It can also be kept in the fridge if you want the liquid stuff present in the cup to freeze. These are made in such a manner that they will not leech any chemical to the foodstuffs kept in these mugs or carafes.

Design & Style:

This Borosil Tea Set comprises 1 carafe and 6 mugs that are simple in design yet elegantly styled to grab the attention of others. The carafe is used to keep the tea or coffee you are preparing. If you find that the tea has become cold and you have to warm, then you can easily take the carafe and place it in the microwave. The handles are designed in such a manner that your arms will not feel warm even when the tea is too hot. These classic mugs are appropriately sized and they can contain 150ml of tea. These are transparent, so the liquid content level is easily visible. Whether you pour black tea, green tea or milk tea into the carafe and mugs, it lends the mugs a sophisticated look. If the colour of the tea is nice then it will surely impress the guests or friends who are visiting your place. Besides, you will also feel great to drink nicely made tea with perfect colour in these transparent mugs.

These are made to be used on a regular basis. This product does not turn cloudy or milky because of the repeated usage. So, you can easily use these cups whenever you want. As non porous glass fabric is used to design this product, it will not absorb odours or stains. So, what do you think? Using these cups and mugs are exciting, isn't it?


You can easily use these mugs and the carafe for daily purpose. You can drink tea or coffee for number of times in these mugs at home or workplaces. You can keep one piece on your desk at office. It is not that these cups are only made for family use but they can be used while guests or relatives visit your place. If you use this tea set when guests come to your place, you are sure to receive compliments from them for your choice.

This Tea Set can be an excellent wedding gift to a couple. It can be a beautiful birthday or anniversary gift to a mother or married lady to make her feel special. If any couple has settled down in a new apartment and has invited you, then gifting this mug set can be an excellent idea. Now you can buy Borosil Classic Tea Set online.


Not much maintenance is required for these mugs and carafe. You can wash them in a dishwasher. You can also hand wash them. Use a piece of soft cotton cloth and mild detergent to clean these pieces and let them dry in the sunlight. Once they are dried, wipe them by using a dry soft cotton cloth and keep them in the cabinet so that they do not fall down and break. Avoid using wire mesh, as it will leave scratches.

Features at a glance:

7 pieces

Comprises 1 carafe and 6 mugs

Made of borosilicate glass

Microwave proof

Simple yet stylish

Features: Borosil IH77TS11704 Tea Set Clear

  • Made of borosilicate glass and is guaranteed to withstand temperatures of upto 350 degree centigrade
  • Can be safely used in the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer and dishwasher
  • Unlike plastic will not leech chemicals into your food even over repeated usage
  • Unlike regular soda lime glass will not turn milky or cloudy with repeated usage
  • Non porous glass will not absorb stains or odors
  • Color: Transparent, Material: Glass
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Carafe (1-Litre) and 6-Pieces Classic Mugs (150ml)
  • Warranty Information: 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects
Product Details
Manufacturer Borosil Glass Works Ltd.
Manufacturer Part Number BRL_IH77TS11704_TRT
Brand Borosil
Model Number IH77TS11704
Colour Name Transparent, green
Colour Clear
Material Glass, Borosilicate, Plastic
Item Package Quantity 1
Capacity 300 millimeters
Warranty 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects

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