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Borosil Melamine Blossom Milano Dinner Set, 35-Pieces
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Borosil Melamine Blossom Milano Dinner Set, 35-Pieces

Brand Borosil
Model Number IMD35PLABLO
Colour White
Material Melamine, Plastic
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Overview: Borosil Melamine Blossom Milano Dinner Set, 35-Pieces

Humans are social beings. We all have our social circles, friends and families. Everyone loves meeting their friends and getting together with their loved ones. All of us have dinner and lunch parties with our friends and family members once in a while. This helps us in keeping in touch with our loved ones and keeping positivity intact in our lives. If you are someone who loves to host parties, you must be concerned about the way your home looks, the cutlery and crockery your guests will use etc. Presentation is an important factor for every host. To impress your guests, you will take every step to make your house look clean and organised. One of the most important areas for supervision is the kitchen because that is where the food is cooked. Another important place in the house where your guests will pay a lot of attention is your dining table. To make your dining table look beautiful, organised and attractive, you need the right dinner set and the right cutlery set. You will find a number of options while looking for the perfect dinner set. Dinner sets come in a variety of designs and materials. You can choose a dinner set from a nearby store or buy it through online shopping depending on your budget and preferences. If you are looking for a good dinner set, then check out the Borosil Melamine Blosson Milano Dinner Set. This product is beautiful and durable.

The Borosil Melamine Blossom Milan Dinner Set is a beautiful product and a must have in every modern home. This product consists of 35 pieces of dinner ware and it can cater to all the dining requirements of your family. The dinner set has a pristine white body with beautiful floral print in red. The set consists of six full plates, six quarter plates, one rice plate, 12 vegetable bowls, two pieces small serving bowls with lids, one large serving bowl with lid and four serving spoons. This dinner set is made of high quality melamine which is highly durable. Other dinner sets are usually made of urea based material which results in eventual wearing out. The melamine used in this dinner set is 100 per cent safe and is food grade. This ensures your and your family's safety. This product is also stain and fade proof so that your dinner set remains as good as new for a long time. You do not have to worry about chipping of these sets due to minor bumps and jerks as the product is chip resistant. This product is lightweight and hence can easily be handled. You can also heat food in the bowls of this dinner set as it is heat resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Borosil, which specialises in the manufacture of high quality home utility items. The other products from this company include glass sets, carafe pots, mixing bowls, square dish with lid, puja thalis, tea lights, casseroles, mini plates, brass diffuser etc.

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Features: Borosil Melamine Blossom Milano Dinner Set, 35-Pieces

  • 100 Percent Melamine: Unlike other urea based dinnerware, that eventually wears out with usage, Borosil's range is truly 100 percent melamine
  • Safe and Hygienic: It is 100 percent food grade and is non-toxic
  • Stain Proof and Fade Proof: Borosil melamine product color remains unchanged even after repeated usage and cleaning
  • Chip Resistant: Borosil melamine dinnerware will never let you down
  • It is truly value for money as it can withstand even the most demanding kitchen conditions
  • Lightweight and Stackable: Borosil dinnerware is extremely convenient, light weight, easy to clean and store
  • Heat Resistant: Borosil Melamine dinnerware can withstand temperatures up to 120 degree celsius
  • Slower Heat Transfer: Food stays warm longer and it is easier to hold the plates and bowls when carrying hot food
  • Color: White, Material: Melamine
  • Package Contents: 6-Pieces Full Plate, 6-Pieces Quarter Plate, 1-Piece Rice Plate, 12-Pieces Vegetable Bowl, 2-Pieces Small Serving Bowls with Lids, 1-Piece Large Serving Bowl with Lid and 4-Pieces Serving Spoons
Product Details
Manufacturer Borosil Glass Works Ltd.
Manufacturer Part Number BRL_IMD35PLABLO_WHE
Brand Borosil
Model Number IMD35PLABLO
Colour White
Material Melamine, Plastic

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