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Bosch Gas 11-21 21-Litre Vacuum Cleaner (Blue and Black)
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Bosch Gas 11-21 21-Litre Vacuum Cleaner (Blue and Black)

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Brand Bosch
Model Number Gas 11-21
Material Fabric
Capacity 21.00 litres
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Overview: Bosch Gas 11-21 21-Litre Vacuum Cleaner (Blue and Black)

Your house is looking dirty and no assistance to clean. Bosch presents 21 litre Gas Vacuum Cleaner that will enable you to clean your house in just a whip of time. You can buy online 21 litre Gas Vacuum Cleaner by Bosch and keep your house clean and hygienic with least effort possible.

Product description

21 litre gas Vacuum Cleaner in attractive blue and black colour is an appropriate choice for keeping your house dirt and germ free. This is an all purpose extractor that comes with a 21 litre non-rusting container. To filter the invisible dust, this comes with a sturdy permanent fabric filter that will collect even the finest dust particle making your house germ free. This also contains an impact resistant snap lock hose system. The compact design of the robust and power dust extractor makes it easy to transport and load. The cleaner is fitted with 4 wheels to make mobility much easier. The vacuum cleaner has an adjustable long hose which enables you to safely store it even in minimum space. This cleaner has a maximum airflow of up-to 50L/sec and consumes up-to 900 watt of power. The cleaner comes with 3 m air hose, one suction pipe, one suction nozzle, one crevice nozzle, one dust box and a suction brush, thus completing the requirements for multipurpose usage.

Key features

The vacuum cleaner comes with a non rusting body

Comes in attractive black and blue colour

The vacuum cleaner has a permanent fabric filter

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with 4 wheels for easy movement

It has 150m bar maximum ventilating pressure

The machine requires an input voltage of 1100 watts

The output voltage of the machine is 900 watts.

Vacuum cleaner, suction brush, suction pipe, dust box, crevice nozzle and suction nozzle complete the package.


The vacuum cleaner though does not require explicit maintenance, but a little care would definitely increase its longevity. Proper maintenance will keep the cleaner in its best form and also save you from higher repairing costs. Firstly you need to turn off and unplug the cleaner before doing any maintenance work on it. Otherwise if the cleaner starts working while you are cleaning it, there stands a chance of you getting injured. You should regularly check the dust bag and replace it when it is full. If a bag is 1/3 full, it may be a problem for efficient cleaning. It is very important that the air passes through all the collected dust and debris, otherwise it will require the machine to work harder which can harm it or it may not clean properly. You can feel with your hand to check how full the bag is. If the cleaner leaves debris or leaves behind fuss where there was none, it is clearly a sign to check for the bag and replace it. Read the direction on the manual to properly replace the bag. After replacement check that the bag is securely attached and all the clips and holders are in place. Use the correct size of the bag as per the requirement of the machine. Remember to oil the screws and hinges for proper movement. Large clumps of debris may stick to the hose pipe after cleaning and they need to be removed. You should keep a check for clogs and obstructions. If the suction is lost, try pushing a broomstick gently through the hose to remove the clumps.

About the brand

Bosch is a German company head quartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. It is the largest supplier of automotive components. The company operates on four business sectors, namely, Mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology. The company has more than 360 subsidiaries and regional companies in some 50 countries. The worldwide development, manufacturing and sales network proves to be the foundation of further growth for the company. The Bosch in India is also a leading supplier in technology and services in the field of automotives and industrial technologies, consumer goods and building technology. It has also the largest development centre for end to end engineering and technology solutions outside of Germany. This company in India operates through six companies namely, Bosch Limited, Bosch Chassis Systems India Limited, Bosch Rexroth India Limited, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited. The manufacturing operation of the company has grown over the years to include 10 manufacturing sites and 7 development and application centres. In India, Bosch Limited is the flagship company of the Bosch Group.

Keep your house clean and germ free with the vacuum cleaner and breathe free. You can shop online 21 litre blue and black Gas Vacuum Cleaner by Bosch and enjoy a healthy life.

Features: Bosch Gas 11-21 21-Litre Vacuum Cleaner (Blue and Black)

  • Non rusting body
  • Permanent fabric filter
  • 4 wheels, 150m bar maximum ventilating pressure
  • Warranty: 6 months on product
  • Input wattage is 1100 W and the output is 900 W
  • Includes: Vacuum cleaner, Suction brush, Suction pipe, Dust box, Crevice nozzle and Suction nozzle
Product Details
Manufacturer Bosch
Manufacturer Part Number 0601.97A.004-081
Brand Bosch
Model Number Gas 11-21
Colour Name Blue and Black
Material Fabric
Wattage 900 Watts
Capacity 21.00 litres
Warranty 6 months on product
Technical Specification
Power Source electric
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 6.3 kg

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